• Wiring Mod for charging issues.

    Firstly, what follows is a description of WHAT I HAVE DONE it is not a description of WHAT YOU SHOULD DO
    The difference is simple, if you choose to modify your wiring, you and YOU ALONE are responsible for that decision, the work done and the outcome.

    Why did I mod my wiring?
    Several reasons
    1) The known issue of melting brown connectors at the reg/rec and the fire risk associated.
    2) Poor charge rate of 13V
    3) poor starting
    4) it has nothing to do with accessories. The wiring is too small and goes a "funny" route which, in short, means there was not enough volts at my battery. It only had 13 instead of 14.when the bike was ticking over

    What I did
    Fistly I cut the 3 yellow wires at the brown plug and soldered the connections as per the photo.

    Then I modified the rectifier output wiring.
    The job was simple ........ add another wire ......... full stop
    The job was simpler when I got that clear in my mind, all I did was add a wire.
    The cable I added goes from (is connected to) the red/black at the rectifier to the red/black under the 2 green fuses next to the starter solenoid.
    There are pictures below
    I also connected an extra earth, from the blue at the rectifier to the negative of the battery.
    Again simple Full stop. I did not make it any more complex in my mind.
    The cable I used was simply a bit of mains flex, like an old kettle lead, extension cable, or similar. that kind of cable is perfect. Its actual technical dimensions are irrelevant, I knew any bit of flex would do the job.
    I used the brown to go between the red/blacks and the blue to go between the blue and battery negative. It has the benefit of 2 bits of insulation, the outer gives it extra protection from engine heat and rubbing.

    Now, that said , without the right crimps or soldering kit I knew it would be a pain to do. I chose to solder as I have the tools, but I know others have chosen to crimp as they have those tools. It mattered not to me as both will do the job perfectly.
    Not everyone has a good soldering bolt and cables this big need a good bit of heat to be soldered.
    I also joined the two blues together at the rectifier, though I know now this was not neccessary but I am happy I did it
    I also joined the two red/blacks together at the rectifier, also unneccessary but again I am happy I did it.

    I went Here to download a brilliant fault finding chart which explains how to diagnose the problem and check the results.

    That is what I did to MY bike
    I repeat, anyone doing any work to their bike does so entirely at their own risk.

    I have posted this description as the original thread is now too long for the pertinent info to be found easily. could I ask that to keep this thread clear any discussions on the subject continue on that thread by clicking This link. This may help others in the Future.

    I hope that what I did is clear

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      tomd -
      so you've aded an extra Leg where twas a 3 wire now tis 4-5 wire? Did similar to my scarabeo
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