• Digital Dash Functions

    Resetting the service light

    • Key on
    • Press Lap and R for 5 seconds

    Switching KM/H to MPH

    • Key on
    • Press A about 5 seconds until blinking
    • Press B to change unit of measurement
    • Press A for 5 seconds to confirm choice

    V max

    • Uses trip odometer #1 (the odometer displayed during instantaneous speed)
    • To reset trip odometer #1 press R for 2 seconds
    • To display V max and distance of trip odometer 1 press B for 2 seconds
    • To reset V max press R for 2 seconds

    AVS (Average Speed)

    • Uses trip odometer #2
    • Hold down B for 2 seconds and then press again
    • AVS is displayed along with distance of trip odometer #2
    • To reset both AVS and trip odometer #2 press R for 2 seconds

    Redline threshold (engine off only)

    • Press C, release, and press again
    • Release C when desired RPM is reached

    Battery voltage

    • Press D once

    Setting hour

    • Press D twice
    • Press LAP until desired hour is reached
    • Press D to confirm

    Setting minutes

    • Press D three times
    • Press LAP until desired minutes is reached
    • Press D to confirm

    Setting C or F

    • Press D a fourth time
    • Press LAP to alternate units

    Chronometer (Lap Timer)

    • V max, AVS, and trip odometer #2 no longer function in this mode
    • Press LAP and within 0.7 seconds press D to enter chronometer mode
    • To start timing press LAP and release immediately
    • To store a lap time press LAP
    • To display lap times press B
    • To cycle through the stored laps, press LAP
    • To reset memory press A and LAP for 2 seconds
    • To leave chronometer function press LAP and D
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      ac3387 -
      I need some help with my bike. Not sure if this is the right place but this sounds like someone here can help me or tell me where to go to get help. I don't have a dealer in town or anyone else that will work on my bike. I have a 2000 rsv Mille. I just changed my starter relay. To try and problem solve I changed the battery. Before I changed the starter relay everything was 100%. Now a warnin light flashes on my dashboard (EF1). Also when I shift gears my neutral light comes on between every gear (1st-6). I need some help on this. Love the bike but if I can't figure out what it is I'm selling it and moving to a jap bike because people around here will work on them. Any advice? Thanks for reading this!
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