• Map 2 Questions for 2004-2009 RSVR and 2006-2009 Tuono

    I decided to post this list because I receive so many PM's from people wanting to know about ECU maps, ECU software updates and PC3 confusions.

    This only applies to 04-09 RSVR & 06-09 Tuono equipped with the Siemens/VDO engine management.

    Map-1 or Map-2 and exhaust:
    Aprilia included the option of switching the ECU mapping between two modes.
    Engine variant 1, aka Map-1 and engine variant 2 or Map-2.

    The bikes are shipped with Map-1 enabled as standard.
    This is a closed loop mode that uses the Lambda exhaust probe to help maintain a lean A/F ratio for low exhaust emissions. This mode is tuned to work with the stock mufflers and Cat converters.

    Map-2 is for use with racing mufflers and without Cat converters. It is tuned for performance and is not emissions friendly. It does not use the Lambda (runs in open loop mode).
    Though it is not used, the probe must remain connected.

    Switching between the two modes is only possible with the AXONE or the Navigator.

    ECU Software updates:
    The software or firmware in the ECU can also be updated whenever Aprilia releases a revised/improved version.
    Each of these software updates can be switched between Map-1 and Map-2.

    After updating the ECU, the Throttle Bodies may need to be re-synchronized and idle fuel mixture adjusted with a CO meter if you have an 04 RSV with the very ealy ECU software.
    Be sure to probe each cylinder at the header test ports (not at the muffler outlets).

    There is a password available only to dealers, this password allows access that will permit adjusting the individual cylinders fuel mixture with the AXONE. On some bikes, this may improve how the throttle responds from idle to midrange.

    The AXONE checks to see if you have selected a compatible map before proceeding with the update. It will not allow loading software versions not meant for that model bike.

    ECU software versions:
    The latest AXONE software currently available is 7.0.1 and includes all the maps listed bellow:

    software for early 04-RSVR with three wire timing sensor, AXONE ≥ 5.0.4
    -664582 was the first generation map, ran poorly when switched to map-2
    -664584 (file VD5G684$.BIX) first update and worked very well (first available with AXONE 5.0.2)
    -664586 (file VD5G68B$.BIX) same as the map shipped with 2005 bikes
    -664588 (file VD5G68Z$.BIX) map specifically to work with the EVO-6 race only pipe

    software for later 04-RSVR with two wire timing sensor and 05-RSVR, AXONE ≥ 5.0.4
    -664583 (file VD5L683$.BIX) same as 664584, originally installed in the later 04 bikes
    -664585 (file VD5L68A$.BIX) same as 664586, originally installed in the 2005 bikes
    -664587 (file VD5L68X$.BIX) same as 664588, for use with EVO-6 pipe

    software for 06-09 RSVR, requires AXONE ≥ 5.0.6
    -266536 (file VD5L980$.BIX) originally installed, no updates currently available
    -266538 (file VD5L981$.BIX) for use with EVO-6 pipe

    software for 06-Tuono (US 07), requires AXONE ≥ 5.0.6
    -266531 original map shipped with early production, had issues with throttle response
    -266532 (file VC5L980$.BIX) is the first update

    software for the 07- 09 Tuono (US 07.5), requires AXONE ≥ 5.1.1
    -266533 (file VC5L981$.BIX) original map shipped
    -266534 (file VC5L982$.BIX) for use with EVO-6 pipe

    A replacement ECU is usually empty, without any map and must be uploaded with the appropriate map and re-initialized before it is functional.

    PC3 precautions:
    Before installing a PC3, the closed loop mode must be disabled by switching to engine variant 2 (Map-2).
    If you donít do this, the ECU will sense the modified A/F ratio (via Lambda probe) and attempt to lean it back out.

    Since there are so many Aprilia ECU maps, and without the AXONE no one knows what bike has what map, you must be careful when installing a PC3 and downloading a map from Dyno Jet or off your friendís bike.

    The PC3 map is an add-on to the ECU map, a PC3 map from another bike that has down level ECU software will not be correct for a bike with updated ECU software.

    Always have your PC3 installed and custom mapped after setting the ECU to Map-2.

    I hope this will help clear up some of the confusion.


    (this info is current as of 05/15/09)
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    1. BostonBrandon's Avatar
      BostonBrandon -
      Thanks for the Info.

      How do I know if my 04 RSVR is on map 1 or 2? do I have to go to the dealer and have them check?

      the only mods I have are the Leo Vince exhaust and K&N air filter.

      AF1 will update the ECU and switch to Map 2 for 35$.

      just wondering How Map 2 effect the performance of the the bike?
    1. Ted / AF1 Racing's Avatar
      Ted / AF1 Racing -
      You can only tell by having a Dealer connect an Axone or Navigator computer to the bike to see what Map is enabled. It is a noticeable improvement to run Map 2 with an exhaust system and air filter. Here is good supplemental information: http://www.apriliaforum.com/forums/s...ating-your-ECU
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