• Wheel comparison, weight & dimensions

    I originally started this thread to compare the weight of the many wheels available to fit the RSV, Tuono & Falco. Iíve updated it each time I found another set of wheels to weigh.
    As you can see from the photos, Iíve been using the same scale for all measurements. This way we can make an accurate comparison.

    Aprilia now has added the Shiver, Dorsoduro, Mana and RSV4 models to the lineup.
    Fortunately, they kept the exact same wheel dimensions as before, so the older wheels will fit the newer bikes as well.
    Rotor bolt pattern and dish is the same for all years.
    Even the 25mm axles, axle nuts and wheel spacers are all the same, front and rear.

    There is a small difference in wheel mounting dimensions that Aprilia changed starting with the 2003, 04 RSV.

    All bikes equipped with radial mount front brake calipers have a 5mm wider rotor mounting flange (see photo).
    Radial caliper front wheel = 115mm
    Axial caliper front wheel = 110 mm
    AF1 sells machined spacers to adapt the early wheels to later bikes:

    Starting with the 2004 RSV, 06 Tuono, Shiver, Dorso, Mana and RSV4, the rear wheel sprocket hub has been moved 3mm to the left of the rim centerline. The rear brake rotor to rim center distance is the same on all years.

    2011 APRC RSV4 introduced a small change on the rear brake rotor mounting to accommodate the sensor ring.

    Many of us use the older wheel on the newer bikes without issues, though the chain line will be slightly off, it is such a small amount that it has no effect on chain/sprocket wear.
    Some people have used a shim to space the cush hub out the extra 3mm.

    Nera rear 9 lb, 11.0oz or 4.39kg

    Nera front 7 lb, 0.7oz or 3.2 kg

    Marchesini forged Mag rear wheel 9 lb, 3.1oz or 4.17 kg

    16.5" Marchesini forged Mag front 5 lb, 11.2oz or 2.6 kg

    Tuono Racing rear wheel 11 lb, 13.7oz or 5.37 kg

    Tuono Racing front 7 lb, 14.9oz or 3.6 kg

    BST front 5 lb, 6.1oz or 2.5 kg

    BST rear 8 lb, 7oz or 3.8 kg

    Blue front from 05-Factory 7 lb, 9.5oz or 3.5 kg

    Blue rear from 05-Factory 11 lb, 2.7oz or 5.1 kg

    old style rear OZ from 2001 RSVR 12 lbs, 1.4oz or 5.5kg

    Marvic Piuma magnesium 16.5" rear 9 lbs, 14.6oz or 4.50kg

    Marvic Piuma magnesium 16.5" front 6 lbs, 11.2oz or 3.0kg

    RSV4 Fact front 6 lbs 8.5oz or 2.97kg

    RSV4 Fact rear 10 lbs 6.6oz or 4.75kg

    Marchesini rear forged aluminum 11 lb, 15.7oz or 5.4 kg

    Marchesini front forged aluminum 8 lb, 11.1oz or 3.9 kg

    Marvic Penta cast mag rear 9 lbs 3.1oz or 4.15 kg

    Marvic Penta cast mag front 6 lbs 8.7oz or 2.96 kg
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    1. ned's Avatar
      ned -
      That's great info ... but how much does my falco wheel weigh for a comparison
    1. vfr1200's Avatar
      vfr1200 -
      2015 RSV forged front I got 6.2lbs with only bearings
      2016 Tuono 1100 cast front about 8.4lbs with only bearings
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