• AF1 Racing, Griiip, and Mayer Motorsports smash lap record at COTA

    COTA Track Record has been broken!

    AUSTIN, TX., August 26, 2018 — AF1 Racing, Inc., alongside Griiip and Mayer Motorsports, have announced their official Formula 1000 record-breaking lap time at the Circuit of the Americas. The record setting Griiip G1, piloted by Alex Mayer of Mayer Motorsports, proved to be a formidable piece of machinery and registered a blistering laptime of 2:08.65 upon its debut weekend at the world-renowned Texas track! This lap time is only a few seconds off LMP2 times, 9 seconds faster than a McLaren P1, and 3 seconds off the MotoGP lap times!

    Israeli design. Italian manufacture. The Griiip G1 is aimed at bringing a new and exciting concept to the world of racing. The product of such a goal leaves us with a fearsomely light, powerful and beautifully designed open-wheel racer. The G1, powered by the 201 HP Aprilia RSV4 engine, is also the first Formula 1000 race car that gave up the chain drive for a patented driveshaft, resulting in better performance and zero maintenance.

    On site was the current US Formula 1000 champion – Alex Mayer of Mayer Motorsports, ready for the weekends testing. As one of the elite teams in the North American region, the Mayer Motorsports crew put together an in-depth and surgically precise method to churning out some of the best performances in road racing. The Mayer Motorsports crew currently has the North American F1000 points lead and lay claim to multiple prior championships.

    AF1 Racing of Austin, TX, the current owners of the two G1 race cars and a leader within the Aprilia community is no stranger to the world of competitive racing, this top-rated Aprilia Corse Certified dealer is the proprietary importer of Griiip G1 cars in the Americas, and will provide support on the cars powerplant, sales, parts and technical expertise overall.

    Now, AF1 Racing and Griiip are starting with preparations to launch a US G1 Series in 2019, and looking for strategic partners, promoters, teams and drivers to have a full Griiip G1 spec series next season. The G1 Series will introduce some innovative technological features, first to be seen in Motorsport, that will ensure it will be one of the most exciting racing series in the world.

    “Since we heard about the Aprilia powered G1 race cars, we wanted to have them in our shop and to see how they work at the track”, said Ed Cook, CEO of AF1 Racing. “the build quality is impressive, far higher than you would expect from a young company like Griiip, and we are happy to see that the performance matches the build quality. We are very excited about this collaboration and look forward for launching the G1 Series here next year”.

    “Having the track record for Formula 1000 cars at COTA on our first USA test drive is a dream come true”, said Tamir Plachinsky, CEO of Griiip. “It is the first time we can compare the G1 performance to other Formula 1000 cars and to get feedback from the best F1000 driver. The track record speaks for itself and the amazing feedback Alex gave confirms the superior design of the G1!”.
    “The best F1000 race car I have ever driven”, said Alex Mayer. “The dynamic behavior is exquisite. The G1 is so stable and communicates everything it is doing, that in fact it didn’t feel that we were as fast as we were. As this is the first time for me in this car and this is the laptime we made after only 2 days, I am sure that with some more testing we can improve it dramatically”.

    For more information about the G1 and the G1 Series, please contact AF1 Racing at info@af1racing.com or Griiip at info@griiip.com.
    To follow Alex Mayer’s career, visit his Facebook page.

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    Combining innovation and passion, Griiip is opening new possibilities for drivers and fans, enabling them to connect with racing like never before! By harnessing the power of data, Griiip have created the first ever smart connected race car; the G1. In the ‘G1 Series’ Griiip delivers live video and data, prediction analysis, advanced insights and mixed reality races to our platform, giving fans and drivers the most exciting destination to engage with motorsports.

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