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08-24-2006, 12:22 AM
As a potential buyer I'm curious as to the difference between a 4.5 and a 5.5 SXV.
It seems to me the 4.5 would be more of a spinner & the 5.5 providing a bit more torque.
Or is it just 'more' spinner?
I'm thinking the 4.5's claimed 60hp would be enough(for me), although the claimed 70hp of the 5.5 sounds VERY addicting...
What kind of mid range is on each?

I'm also a bit miffed at everyine calling the bikes RACE BIKES.
Jeez, Aprilia has been claiming them street legal(they picture them on ROADS). The bikes in the shops have the street legal bits on them.
How hot can the cams be, or how poor(glitchy) can the FI be?
Or how quick do they lose compression or burn through valves?
It would also seem to me that a bike being raced under full load would run as hot as a bike run at a light load on the street(as long as its moving).
If it is a race bike, it should have an easier life running at less than full tilt.
Wouldn't you think?
Supposedly one(or more) are being raced in enduros in Europe, which to me means they have 'some' mid range throttle control to be effective, eh?
Top end or nothing is so old school(pre reeds)... This is 2006 for christ sakes.
As a owner of a CRF450X the RACE maintenance schedule is very frequent.
It is also known the non racers get some pretty high mileage(hours) out of their 450X's without rebuilding them all the darned time.
Now I can handle a pipey/peaky/cammy motor, but not one that requires a rebuild after a couple weekends of gassing it through the twisties(and jumping stairs LOL).
As the bike(SXV) is called a race bike by the dealer, they say there is virtually no warranty anyhow(less than three months?). Apparently they are selling them de-restricted.
And as my dealer says is easier(quicker) to bring a race bike to the public than a homoligated(sp?) bike...

Just questions I have, and with the bike being so new, I wonder if there are real answers yet.
What gives? Anyone?

08-24-2006, 09:09 AM
I've read of a few people plating CRFs/CRF-Xs. Is yours plated? I've got a CRF450, but didn't want to bother plating my desert thrasher. I'd read they don't like the sustained rpms of the street and as a result, gears can weld themselves to the mainshaft (common).

I've got a little CRF150 and did plate it. I use it to buzz the little woman around the neighborhood garage saling on Saturday mornings.

I intend to plate my SXV. I'm opting for the 550 as size does matter and I hear they're a better choice for this.

RZ Rob

08-24-2006, 11:34 AM
I'm not sure of your meaning of plated RZ. Heat treated? I have heard of the gears(3rd I think) welding to the mainshaft. I think it is mainly due to street, high speed & desert use. I also have heard low oil in the tranny helps it along. Supposedly the trick is to run a full qt. in the tranny. My bike is a NW(Wa.) woods bike(lower speeds). No issues other than needing a JD jet kit.

It seems a SXV 4.5 would have to accelerate very hard to out drag my 450X, which cleans up on a 525 KTM.
Just by numbers I'll probably get a SXV 4.5. It seems like there are 3 or 4 to every one 5.5(the sole 5.5 is gone here).

So whats gonna wear out on the SXV so fast?
Is it gonna need rebuilding all the time?
Have any Europeans or Aussies had to go through their motors already?
Or is the 'race' thing all in power delivery.

08-26-2006, 12:12 AM
No takers?
I got to ride a de-restricted demo 4.5 today. Bitchin bike. With only a cough down low, and all smooth from there. I respected the 21 mile bike and took it easy. But smooth and eager to rev, with power in there.

To answer my own q's, I think a main reason everyone is calling it a race bike and not a streetbike is there is not any parts for it when(and if) the motor goes. Aprilia is only standing behind it for three months(commercial warranty?), so dealers IMO are afraid of blown motors without parts to rebuild. I can only hope the motor has decent durability.

AF1, is there/will there be a parts supply if the motor is short lived?

No pessimism here, just looking for justification to own my own.

08-26-2006, 01:09 AM
I will try my best to answer your concerns. Having put over 100 miles on my 550 and I have discovered the following:

It hates stop and go. It gets hot as hell. While sitting at a traffic light it feels like it is glowing red.

In my opinion it goes best when you are on the gas all of the time or turning and back on the gas. May be it is me, but I find it hard to keep the engine happy at low revs. I find myself doing 45 to 50 MPH in 25 MPH zones--not because I am heavy handed. More because the bike feels better.

My Tuono R is a much more docile commuter--from an engine perspective.

If you want a commuter/city bike I would go with the Pegaso. This is no novice bike and will be a pain in the ass if treated like a beast of burden.

I live in the land of mega dollars. You see Ferarri's and Lambos everywhere. Most will be trashed by idling in traffic and being driven like Toyota Camry's.

To conclude a Suzuki DRZ would be a much better option for street/commuting.

I will disagree that this is a good starter bike as some have stated in other posts.

08-26-2006, 08:50 AM
I'm not sure of your meaning of plated RZ.

I meant did you put a license plate on it (i.e. do you ride it on the street where it might be subject to sustained speeds unlike in the desert where your rpms fluctuate continuously)? Continuous high revs can be killer on things.

RZ Rob

08-26-2006, 12:20 PM
Oh... No off road only
I agree on sustained revs. And the SXV seems geared short for street.
I think it has plenty of mph, just with a lot of r's.
I am thisclose to getting one.