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09-06-2003, 12:03 PM
I did my first track day on the tuono and I have been more than excited. I just needed to harden the suspension settings and after that it was awesome. I destroyed the stock pirelli diablos after 1 1/2 days in the track, time to get the diablo corsas everyone is raving about.

It ate up some oil though and herein lies the problem. Although I am not suprised that it did as I find it normal, the problem is that I had Castrol synthetic 'GPS' 15-50W and due to miscommunication with my mechanic I filled up with about 350 mL of full synthetic Castrol 'R4' 10-50W.

Well, I did one track day and 600 km of riding on the trip home with this mix. I have heard you should never mix oils especially with different temp properties. Does anyone think this is a problem?

09-06-2003, 01:30 PM
AFAIR Castrol 'GPS 'is blended and only 'R4' is full synth. Still I don't think the mix shoud do any harm. The only consequence should be the lower grade is now somewhere between 10W and 15W.

BTW pan do you plan to keep the 190 rear or switch to the 180 ?

09-06-2003, 04:28 PM
thanks for the response. i read the tag on the package and you are right, the 'GPS' is 'synthetic technology' or blended like you say. That sucks because I had specifically asked my mechanic to use full synth. In any case, as long as no harm happened it is no big deal. I will change the oil anyway, I will use the R4 full synth, I hear it is excellent.

As far as the tyres, i will go with the 180. I believe it will make the bike more 'flickable'.

09-06-2003, 08:56 PM
i ran nothing but 180 on my rsvr, and would never go back to a 190.

my tuono's rear is ready for a replacement. i have a dunlop 220 just sitt'n in wait. i'm looking to get some better milage out of a tire now. i've bought and gone through 12-sets over the last yr on all of my road bike at track days.

track days are coming to an end after 2 more coming up at thunder hill at the end of the month. i have one track set of wheels with new d207gp stars mounted. after that, its street time with a few road trips to vistit some buddies in the fall.