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09-02-2003, 04:14 AM
Gday people. I am new to apriliadom and just found this site and decided to say hello. My path into this after My wife and I decided to buy a new bike. My 93 R 100 GS PD was great and if it were not for the lack of wind protection I would still be happily riding it, but arthritis in the neck and elbows left me in pain after 5-600 Ks. so after much reading and looking we decided on a new R1150 GS. my dealer in Geelong australia had an 02 plated one in stock and were willing to deal. A bigger screen was available so we went to buy the new GS, great excitement first new bike ever in 32 years of riding.
On the day we went to do the deal we found this bunch of Guzzies and Aprilias at the dealer and a board where you could write your name to ride any of the models on offer by the manufacturer. Rode the Capo wife said best pilion seat in the classs. Till then had not riden the GS 1150, rode it , and rode the capo again, then the GS again. Shit! what to do now? Do I do the sensible thing and get the tryed and true BMW or go with this beautiful red thing with the ferral heart and dirty chain. sat in the dealers for about four hours trying to decide. Wife happy with either but prefered capo. Finally decided on the capo as importer had special deal on the day which included panniers and free on road costs. for same money as the BM without any extras. What the heck "you only live once "says"she how must be obeyed" so I obeyed. We have done 4000 Ks in four weeks and are very happy with it, it goes like the clappers. the fun factor is higher than the BM and the brakes commpared to the old GSPD are amazing. Any way I turned 50 today 2 sept. 03 and look forward to a long and happy relationship with my wife and new bike. buy!

09-02-2003, 05:16 AM
Congratulation on the big five O, enjoy the Capo.
Great bike!


09-02-2003, 05:48 AM
Welcome Dave, both to Aprilias and to the 50+club! My choice was the Futura, only because I found the width of the Capo intimidating as I spend a good part of my daily commute in heavy traffic filtering, and the underseat exhaust on the Fut gives the illusion of less bulk. Basicly the same bikes though.

I too reached 50 a couple of weeks ago, had to give up my CBR6 because of back problems, the slightly less sporty riding posture on the big V's making a lot of difference.

I'm sure you will enjoy the V-twin experience, they are so easy to ride, esp after coming from a 600-4, and the performance is there when you want to cut loose.

09-05-2003, 04:57 PM
faced with the same decision
I test rode the GS yesterday & hopefully will ride the Capo next week!!
May the best bike win........................

09-05-2003, 06:00 PM
Youll love either. Pillions accoms are better on capo. High top gear on bm is really good. for my liking the first gear on both could be lower so as slow work on dirt is easier.

BM typically has very winey fourth gear to noisy I thought but "normal" they said, the capo could do with a slightly higher top gear 3.7 in top is ok but the 3.2 on bm is better but needs down change to pass quick. gear indicator on bm is natty but who would ever think to look at it while riding, you usually
know where you are any way by feel of motor/ speed. 6 gears on bm are to close together I found to be a pain with lots of changing for nothing much extra same on capo but not so anoying as the motor is a bit smaller and can use them all, thoug the could be spread a bit further apart. They have done that on the new rally raid model. Not here in oz yet.

I found the screen to be to far away from rider on the bm and felt that even the bigger screen would still facilitate buffet which was strong on the bm. You still get some on capo but less by a fair bit.

The bm is more 'utilitarian' in that there are more points to add stuff on were as the capo is a very complete finished package no exposed frame etc.

Rear shock on bm would need up grade for any serious 2 up work with luggage, capo is quite ok as is. no wallow in corners with pre load cranked up full,

Standard panniers on capo are bigger than bm standard ones; left on bm is to small due to position of muffler.

the optional front crash bar on bm is better than the after market ones available for capo so far, just going by the look of ones i have only seen on this forum ( see sticky show us your capo) above.

The resale on the bm at this stage will be much better if and when you trade up. Ride a bm of the floor you loss 3-4 gran ride a capo of the floor you lose 5-6 g if you need to change over soon, that sux, but we were told that even by the dealer. Procycle in Geelong victoria australia. who is both the aprilia and bm dealer. capo is pretier by a fair bit but that is a matter of opinion some dont like the styling. but so far you will be a rareity on the road on a capo, for some reason that apeals to me, probably vanity and the need to be a bit different.

Any way that is my two bobs worth for what its worth. see ya.

09-07-2003, 07:09 AM

I am 56 and have been riding bikes since I was thirteen. I traded in an FJR1300 with 600 miles on it for my Capo. The Fjr was faster...but it burned your left leg and testicles.
I "love" my Caponord. Just motored up to Lake George, New York, for a car show this weekend. Beautiful day....wonderful ride. My only regret is that I did not buy a Capo sooner!