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06-26-2006, 02:55 PM
Hello Hello Hello..... Is there anybody out there.... just nod if you can hear me.... is there anybody home?

Why so quiet?

Your Aprilia's wearing you down?.... or "something"

Is it that obvious I’m still waiting?

They say End July/August??

Perhaps I also will be quiet, some day…SOOOON !!!!!!!! :whiner:


06-26-2006, 09:41 PM
My guess is that Aprilia are making production changes before they ship to their biggest markets.

Has anyone experienced an engine so finicky about the oil level in their lives? If I'm not mistaken with 1.3L of oil the viewing window is just about pointless?

Matthew Roche
06-27-2006, 06:48 AM
Oil level system is ridiculous. To have to start an engine to see how much oil is in it says it all. There should be a sight glass in the oil tank (seeing as it is dry sump).

I have been racing my SXV450 in the Irish SM championship in 2 rounds. Both rounds I was 1 second outside qualifying time. I always qualify on my CRF450 no problem so last weekend I parked up the SXV and rode my Honda as I could not afford to lose any more points in championship. I qualified 9th overall and finsihed 8th in race. Explantion...........no initial 'pulling' torque on SXV. I contacted ny dealer and told them that I was not going to race the bike again until Aprilia could deliver me what I was supposedly sold 'A rocket ship'. I had this bike dyno'ed and it is putting 56Hp to rear wheel so power is not an issue, just how and where is is putting it down.
Initially, before last round I did the following:
I cut open the air box and removed the baffle plate at teh front. Replaced the panel filter with a foam filter from an RSV (which fits just nice). I ran gearing as 15 front/ 51 rear and I was having to ride the wheels off the thing to get it to keep with the CRF's out of the slower bends. As this was practice before the next days racing, the current leader of the Irish Championship and 5th place runner in MotoGB (British championship), tried the bike and was 3 secs a lap slower than on his own bike. 3 secs.........

Hence I contacted my dealer and said something has to be done.

So, Aprilia took a stock SXV450 ad put it on a dyno. They tested all maps and found that the 14002 map which is in mine is designed to deliver good emmissions for everyday riding but the mixture is lean. Therefore I am getting the 'Termignoni exhaust' map 14004 which will deliver more fuel down low. It will not be vastly differnt but will help. I am not running a race exhaust as they are not consistent in quality and I cannot afford to buy 5 of them to see whcih one is o.k.
Next I was old by Aprilia to put back the air box the way it was. They are sending me a new box as opeing the box was also contributing to a leaner mixture. Makes sense when you think about it.

Aprilai are also sending me a 13 tooth and 14 tooth front sprocket. For very tight track, I am going to run the 13 front with a 50 rear. This will make 1st gear redundant so will use 2nd gear for 180 Deg corners but it shold have more of a whack from bottom.

I was told to adjust my riding style to accelerate about a second or so earlier than I would on a 'Single' as the SXV is smoother and will not be so inclined to step out under acceleration. Basically, keep up the corner speed a little.

I will let you know how these mods went when I get them done at the End of July at the British Championship.

Hat off to my dealer in Wales who has been fantastic. Very helpful and willing to address the issues.

Matt :burnout: