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05-09-2006, 09:11 AM
Hi all,

I just got my RXV 450 this week-end and started to break-it in :bump:

My previous bike was a '03 KTM 525. The Aprilia has a much more snappy motor and revs easly. I planned going trail riding this week-end with it and my first race is the week-end after...

Under 7'000rpm the bike has not much vibration, but I do feel that over that limit there is a fair amount of vibration comming to the handle bar. I'm checking this out with my dealer if it is normal or not.

I'll keep you posted

05-09-2006, 12:54 PM
All I can say is : pics!!

05-09-2006, 01:27 PM
got only a couple on my web site for the moment, but will be doing more...

05-10-2006, 11:48 PM
Anybody got reports on how the rxv works in the dirt / mud? How does it feel in the whoops?

05-11-2006, 07:31 PM
How is it for just trail riding, opinion please? I have a YZ450F and it is on off power. Been considering a WR but the Aprilia just looks Excellent!

05-16-2006, 04:56 AM
My two previous bikes where a 2000 KTM 520 and a 2003 KTM 525. I often say that those bikes are great machines for those who are a bit shy on the throttle. With its monstrous torque the KTM can often bring you through difficult sections in ďslow-moĒ although some times you really need to gas it to get through some stuff. So in 6 years of 520/525, Iíve taken some really bad habitsÖ but thatís going to change ;-) Also, Iím a trail rider and some time go to Africa for a 1 or 2 week bike trip. 2006 is my first year where I do some enduro competition.


Back to the Aprilia, 1st thing, itís a real beauty!! 2nd thing itís really tall for my 5í7 frame. The new seat has a good grip and limits quick movements while seated. The seat is more straight than on the KTM and I find myself more naturally on the foremost part (itís true that on the KTM I had the large 13L tank). The foot pegs are ďstrangeĒ and lack some grip. The bike is finer at the foot level than the KTM but larger at the knee level when standing.

On the controls side, the clutch is hard! Why did they not put a hydraulic one!? I think Iíll have to do some mods at that level. The breaks are excellent and I find myself braking harder with the Aprilia than tihe the KTM.

Cold start is a bit awkward (but Iím assuming itís me) and the yellow cold start button doesnít help much. I have to keep the starter running until the motor is running and not release the button at the first sign of life. Once in temperature, the motor starts easily.

The RXV is shipped with a 15/48 ratio. Itís fine for tight trails but on high speed trails (such as the large one in Africa) the bike revs high in 5th (and last) gear when trying to cruise at 100 km/h (about 60 mph).

My first outing on a trail was on 100km (60miles) run on wet and slippery paths. It had rained all night but on this Saturday morning the sun was bright. On the quick section, the twin cylinder is very nice: less vibrations, less aggressive noise, horsepower is more progressive, less gear shifting as one can go pretty low in the RPM and then take them very high. The motors revs easily and make for a more smooth riding experience. I need to get accustomed to the acoustics though and get new bearings ;-)


Although the trail is muddy and slippery I have the impression that I have an overall better control than with the KTM. I find myself less at an angle when things go wrong. In slow section, I stall often to used to large torque of the KTM but at the end of the day, I get the hang of it. Suspension are not broken in yet, so there pretty hard with standard settings.

In a small, side-ways, yet slope, the twin shines: I hesitated a moment and was to slow, but just gasing it, the motor revs up quickly and shoots me to the top of the slope. With the KTM I would have relied on the torquey motor to bring me up slowly to the top. The twin-cylinder forces me to be more aggressive in my riding styleÖ and I like that ;-)

In a river crossing (I hate those) with full of rocks in the riverbed, the height of the Aprilia is really a pain. I need to have both feet on the ground if I donít want to ditch in (Iíve already sunk twice the KTM in such crossing the previous years).


The trail finishes on a small dirt race rack. Iím pretty lousy at having good timings on those. With the Aprilia, as Iím seated more in front and find the bike more agile than the KTM. Iím able to take the curves more smoothly and to break harder and later. Opening full throttle is easier as the bike stays more in-line.

Next outing: Enduro race in Latrecey, France

Small 10s video (requires Quicktime or VLC)

05-23-2006, 04:57 AM
Hi all,

Had my first enduro race this week-end. It was all in tight twisties in the forest, not very quick going. The Aprilia behaved nicely, but I still need to get used to some aspect.

I've also put up some new actions shots in my photo gallery