View Full Version : I love my "new" 2002 caponord

08-18-2003, 07:21 AM
After buying an FJR1300...driving it for 600 miles...I decided that I did not enjoy having my left leg...and testicles....roasted at age 56. The bike handled good...very smooth...and was very quick. But....my leg and "other" parts slowly cooked in moderate temperatures. In "hot" temperatures...over 90f....god only knows what "aging" body would look like!
After stuffing it with foam insulation...etc...and reading about the valve guide problems...I decided to look at a capo again. I originally looked at one before I pre-orderd my FJR. Anyway....I traded in my FJR and got my bike. I am "very" happy with it. It thumps like an old John Deere tractor...compared to my Fjr...but it is very confortable to ride. I did buy the Givi windshield...a good investment.
After owing a harley...Hondas....etc...over 40 years I can honestly say that I "really" like this bike. It "putts" along at 70 mph and I just sit and enjoy the ride.
I think, if they get to America, I might go for the Raid. I would like the higher seating position.
I have enjoyed reading all your posts and appreciate the help that some of you have offered on several questions I have asked. Thanks for all your help.