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08-17-2003, 09:28 PM

i have friend who owns a hi-end cnc company here, and they mfg race car enging components as well as aricraft engine parts. he has forged stock for pistons and has made me a set, and will also be boring the jugs out.....for free:D

doug has made everything needed, less the rings. i'll be drop'n the motor this week and pulling the topend. a shop in s. san jose will be plating the jugs for us, which will be the only big $ item i have to spend on:D :D

just got done setting up my shop for the tear down, and just finished mod'n out my wife's new honda crf230 mx bike....just wish the damn bike was not RED-yuck! i need some black plastic, very soon.


this was to be a reply to clarkie on the rc51 rings post, and not a new post:(