View Full Version : How Do I post photos???

08-20-2001, 07:27 PM
How do I post a photo of my bike on here?

ed apriliaforum com
08-20-2001, 07:56 PM
first, put your picture on a web server...there are free ones out there.....or send the picture to me for editing and/ or hosting......your picture needs an exact URL (web) address

then, in your Discussion Forum message:

click on the "image" button just to the left, and a pop-up will appear asking for the image URL (web address)

put the URL in there and click "OK"

They made it real easy to post pictures

Note: some Free web servers do not easily give you the exact URL address....they use a query file system instead of a URL to find your picture.....go to your exact picture and right-click on your picture and look at "properties" and the exact URL should be listed (it may be a very long URL, but it should still work).

ed apriliaforum com
01-23-2002, 11:09 PM
Our new hosting service provides us with lots of disk space and tons of bandwidth, so we are now able to host your Discussion Forum pictures for FREE. Spice up your posts by showing pictures or help sell your bike with pictures. It is very easy to do...

1. Email your pictures as an attachment to pics@apriliaforum.com (.jpg or .gif file format only)

2. As long as the picture has something to do with Aprilia (i.e. no porn), you'll receive a return email containing the link (URL) to your picture. Please allow 1 to 48 hours for a reply. We have to manually upload the file to the server.

Use the URL with the one that is emailed back to you. You can add comments before and/or after the image tag, and multiple pictures in a single post are possible.

Please keep the file size as small as possible!

Remember that your pictures have to be loaded every time someone clicks on your post, and not everyone has a high-speed connection. Posts containing large pictures will take a long time to download. Most pictures should be well under 50 Kb and no picture larger than 100 Kb can be accepted. If you are having problems getting the file size smaller, email the picture anyways, and we can edit it down for you.

Hint: cropping the picture greatly reduces the file size.

We reserve the right to edit pictures for size. We will not change content, just size.

If your picture no longer needs hosting, please email us so we can remove it from the server and free up space for others.