View Full Version : Scarabeo with a legshield rack!

03-05-2003, 12:01 PM
Ok, so call my scooter a Vespa wannabe.

<img src="http://scoot.net/gallery/bbs/scootrack.jpg " style="border:0;"/>

No, it's not crooked, just the camera is.
That's what used to be a rear folding rack for a smallframe Vespa. Got a friend to chop it up a little, weld on a couple parts, and give it a fresh coat of shiney Rustoleum. It was painful to get 4 little holes drilled in the plastic, but it's worth it. I kinda doubt my scooter's still under warrenty anyways, with all the poor thing's been through!

<img src="http://scoot.net/gallery/bbs/my_scoot.jpg " style="border:0;"/>

I originally wanted a black topcase. I ended up with one of those fugly "art deco leather" king-size topcases. Hated it. So I just attacked it with the same paint I used on the legshield rack. Looks pretty sweet, if you ask me.

The friend who modified the front rack wanted to try it for the rear, as well. The stock rack is obviously rather pointless unless you have a topcase on it, it's so freakin' tiny. I'm still debating whether I should do that or not. It'd be nice to be able to carry bigger things, and I might even get a passenger backrest out of it. But if he can't modify it to work with the stock rack, I might have to switch it out everytime I anticipated carrying different things, and that would be annoying.

03-05-2003, 01:56 PM
Its a nice scoot :)

I've seen them and found em nice & different.