View Full Version : Sr50 Ditech Q's from a Dane

08-12-2003, 09:29 AM
Will the good milage (50 Km/L) be ruined by derestricting the SR50 Ditech ?

I'm positive that just removing the plate in the vario will not have a bad effect on the milage, but what about the "gameboy thing" ?? - as I understand, you are tampering with the fuel intake ... right ?

I have read some treads in this forum, conserning the vario plate in the SR50 Ditech 2003, but haven't seen some "for sure" answers. Is it as easy to take it out, as on the 2002 .... any experince ??

Sorry if it's some stupid q's, but i'm seriously thinking of getting one, (the Tuono rep. is sooo sweet) and want to "suck" as much info as possible :D

08-23-2003, 02:41 PM
The 50km per liter is reached under optimal conditions, which you don't experience on the road. The consumption of my Ditech is about 1:40 and i haven't 'tuned' it with the gameboy...
Removing the vario plate is just as easy as removing the vario 'ring', you just gotta make sure you use proper tools to be able to take the vario apart... you then simply take it out..