View Full Version : My Summer Vacation

08-09-2003, 11:45 PM
What I did during my summer vacation.

Here are links to some photo's of me on my RS50/75 and my Falco at Road America:



On my Falco in the intermediate class(my first ride above novice level), I was turning 3:29 average laps(4 mile course) which equals an average speed of approximately 69-70mph. My best lap was a 3:27 which is just over a minute per lap off of expert pace.

On the baby Aprilia(my RS50/75), my lap times at the back of the novice class were in the 6:00 range which equals an average speed of approximately 40mph.

I definitely need more lean in the turns. Although, I did eliminate the chicken strips on both bikes. My Falco has very short gearing that is optimized for street acceleration. Next year, I will go with a taller gear spread. I was hitting redline in 6th gear at just over 130mph.

I will post a short video in a few days.

Ride safe.