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08-02-2003, 12:09 AM
You guys are going to love this! As you may remember I took my 2001 SR50 Ditech at 1750 miles to the dealer after having problems with missing and lack of acceleration. Here is their response after telling me it was "fixed" the next day after I took it in:

1) The gap on my plug was too big (I had set it to servcice manual specs even though the problem started with it at 0.5 mm) ...so in other words, the 0.9 mm specified in the owner's manual is 'wrong'.

2) they told me not to believe anything that I was told on the internet about being able to use lighter roller weights! I had installed an Arrow pipe recently, which came with a matched set of 7 gm roller weights and heavier clutch springs...and they were working beautifully before the problem started. They said this is wrong!

3) I had been using recently the same Motul 600 2T injector oil that I use on my RS250 (with great success). They said this oil is no good in this bike and that I need to return to the Torco injector oil that I used to use.

So...after all this I still don't have an answer! The plug gap made no difference as I had thried both gaps on both the stock plug and the NGK platinum I bought on the "Forum mall". The Arrow pipe and matched rollers were working great and I can't belive they would say that you can't use the lighter rollers on this scooter! The oil...Why wouldn't Motul 600 2T injector work? I have been racing with this stuff four 4 yrs with great success...why wouldn't it work on a Ditech?

What do you guys think of this mess???:confused:

Micah / AF1 Racing
08-02-2003, 08:38 AM
They have no idea what is wrong with your scooter....that is what I think. Call me on Saturday and we will chat about your scoot.

08-02-2003, 04:19 PM
Originally posted by Duc995
2) they told me not to believe anything that I was told on the internet about being able to use lighter roller weights! I had installed an Arrow pipe recently, which came with a matched set of 7 gm roller weights and heavier clutch springs...and they were working beautifully before the problem started. They said this is wrong![/B]

Never believe dealers, believe the internet :P U don't wanna know how little dealers know compared to the nice people on a average scooter forum. Dealers still keep praising parts that are basicly pretty crappy. But then they say no don't believe the internet believe me! Pretty enoying sometimes. Oh and btw I think micah is right...go to another dealer.

08-03-2003, 08:16 AM
Thanks Micah...for the offer of help. I am presently in Las Vegas racing with CCS and I'll contact you after the weekend. Thanks again!

09-01-2003, 05:19 PM
Duc995: Check the orings on the injektor. That was the problem on my ditech. The company who sold it to me tryed to fix it for two month, the didnt fix it. When they couldnt find any problem they wanted me to pay 1700 swedish kronor (=220 us$). I discovered what was wrong when i installed the malossi 70cc kit I later heard that it was an common problem on ditech made in 2001. Aprilia damaged one oring when the injektor was mounted in the cylinder head. When that oring was damaged hot gas destroyed another oring.

Sorry for the spelling, i am from sweden.


09-02-2003, 10:29 AM
THe only thing that ended up being "wrong" was that the injector oil I swithced to (Motul 600 2T) doesn't work in the Ditech! I had to go back to the TORCO semisyn injector oil that it came with ...

09-02-2003, 02:27 PM
They are right that you shouldn't believe everything that people on the internet say, because there is a whole lot of bullsh*t out there. However, when someone we know to be a reliable source, like Micah, gives suggestions, they are worth looking into. He's not just some armchair expert, he's an actual dealer, who actually works on actual scooters. Not just some motorcycle dealer who thought he'd make a few extra dollars by picking up a line of little toy scooters. He didn't actually do anything more than flip through the service manual, and one of his service guys said he's worked on some honda scooters before. They can't be that different in his mind, so now he's the expert.

I had my dealer try to sell me a 70cc kit for my ditech MONTHS before the real malossi kit came out for the ditech. They even showed me the sales receipt from Mototek where they had ordered it. It specifically said it was for a 2000 SR, not a 2001 Ditech. They didn't realize there was a difference. Kept talking about how I should get a performance carb for it. Fortunately that shop has changed owners, and is much better now.

So anyway, don't trust yahoos online, and don't trust yahoos behind the service counter, just trust people who've demonstrated through performance that they actually know what they are dealing with. If your scooter was working well with the stiffer contra spring and the 7g weights (which makes sense, I use 6.0g weights and a white malossi spring in my ditech, to great effect), then trust yourself.

The oil surprises me, but then, I've never used the motul oils. I use silkolene pro-scoot, of which I had several liters left over from my last scooter. Its fully synthetic injector oil, and its never fouled a plug or anything.

Gap doesn't seem to make a world of difference, the .9 in the manual seems a bit too wide, I've had better running with something in the .6 range.

One suggestion.. At around 1500mi of having the white spring in, I began to have problems with accelleration over hills, specifically, the scoot, when hitting about 40mph, had no torque at all, and if there was even a tiny hill, it couldn't make it above 40. But if it was downhill, it could make it over 40, and climb almost up to the top speed of 55-60mph. Turned out that my contra spring had gotten soft with age! I had a fresh white spring laying around, so I compared them, and the one already in the scooter had become a little softer. I replaced it with a fresh white spring, and all was better! If your symptoms are sounding like what I described, it could be something to look into.


09-02-2003, 08:29 PM
Thanks Sam! It's not the Contra spring that I changed, however...

The Arrow pipes come with 7 gm roller weights and three stiffer centrifical clutch springs. The clutch springs are what stopped the improved performance (provided by the lighter rollers) from causing what felt like belt slip on standing starts.

I have never changed the contra spring, as I have no other significant complaints once the injector oil was sorted out.

I can explain the Motul problem as I have been racing my RS250 for 4 years with the stuff without problem. The Ditrech definately doesn't like it though!