View Full Version : Pics of my bike!!!

06-11-2003, 02:36 PM
So what do you guys think? It is not finished yet but I am almost there...

[img noborder]groups.msn.com/_Secure/0R...22186[/img (http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0RACvBBITsmvUoK3Py7xQMQWTkuFMzP2Ix6noCBXvap1XRbdRM th2MDh4rfmMWrHFvfGftTYEIN3HfrkYupcd0txYK!vbPno1hRU XpENLobc/DSC00073.JPG?dc=4675425493055222186[/img)]

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groups.msn.com/_Secure/0R...3040953350 (http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0RAAAABATO2vUoK3Py7xQMdyKzlbtF!LQGvyf9xsN*t94LQ9vy 7HLCUevfAUWPAsaYHw1RcFBW6GOrElBaM5qggU7eLe5NNBQrhv !7dqEdkY/DSC00062.JPG?dc=4675425493040953350)

groups.msn.com/_Secure/0R...3037994595 (http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0RAC0BA4TxWrUoK3Py7xQMdu0wM6Gdo71aOFrb68wJg2Nvw41R AX2oxuZsB!vLepKOYqTeyA6TA9ka!Pum3VU!n0nytGVctfaNTG PfQpWDHI/DSC00060.JPG?dc=4675425493037994595)

06-11-2003, 03:50 PM

Mille Ryan
06-12-2003, 01:08 AM
Cool man, dont see many of that color around any more.

07-06-2003, 01:17 AM
Na to herese.

07-06-2003, 04:17 AM
Exw dei to onoa sou kai imouna sigouros oti eisai Ellinas alla den se exw petuxei mesa!

Elpizw na ta poume kai apo konta mias kai egw eimai apo A8ina!!!

By the way polu omorfo kai to diko sou mixanaki!!! ;)

07-07-2003, 08:08 AM
Is that Rossi Colors on an "R" or is that "R" goodies on a Rossi? Either way it's a good looking scoot.

07-07-2003, 12:23 PM
Hi mfield2a

Actually this is a '99 "Rossi replica" with R (and some SP)parts fitted

...I think it looks better than the 2000 R...

spence rossi rep
07-09-2003, 07:03 PM
I like it a lot, haven't seen an RSV in those colours, looks hot!

07-19-2003, 09:15 AM
i use the handle rossi rep, and my name is spence, but that sure isnt me in the forums using that name! strange...small world! :rolleyes: