View Full Version : electrical gremlins

07-23-2003, 07:53 PM
Went for a ride today and blew(another) headlight fuse. It actually melted. Anybody know what may cause this? Last time this happened, both brake lights blew---along with the fuse..


07-23-2003, 10:03 PM
The usual cause of this sort of behavior is a pinched wiring harness. Somewhere a wire bundle is passing between the frame and something else, and a rough or sharp edge has abraded the insulation to the point where a hot wire or two can ground out.

A look at the wiring diagram for the Capo shows that the headlight wiring is color coded orange and light blue, whereas the brake light wiring is Yellow/Green and Green. The two circuits are on different buses, so you're looking at a minimum of two compromised hot wires.

I wouldn't do a whole lot more riding until you get this resolved, because new wiring harnesses are very, very expensive. If a fuse is blowing slowly because the current is just enough to soften it, you could have insulation in the circuit protected by that fuse melting to the point where the entire wiring harness is essentially destroyed, because melting wires can ruin adjacent wires even if the circuits are unrelated.

I have rewired many, many cars and trucks because one wire overheated and cooked an entire wiring harness.