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07-21-2003, 12:15 AM
Ok it's that time again. German round coming up this weekend. What do you think?

I'm gonna go Haga 5th and Edwards 8th although for some reason I have a feeling a podium could happen.... oh well ..

Aussie riders if you dont know ColinEdwards is doing track days at Melbourne and Sydney around the time of our motogp round.

Also the rumour that Rossi may sign to Ducati next year (which I'm sure is a scare tactic to get his money) - but he has said he wants to ride an Italian bike at soem stage in his career ... why not Aprilia? It would be funny if we got shocked and he signed with Aprilia ..

07-21-2003, 12:35 AM
I wish Colin and Nori would do better, but I don't think they'll do much better than just cracking the top 10. They can't seem to get the bikes to run competitively over the whole race distance, and now they might be using a new chassis, i.e. can of worms.

*sigh* - maybe next year...

Pro Backmarker
07-21-2003, 06:20 AM
On the Vale thing, one big hiccup is he stated he won't take tobacco sponsorship. With Malbro funding the Ducs he's gotta have a rethink on that policy.........

07-21-2003, 09:55 AM
Edwards 5th, Haga 7th.

07-21-2003, 10:35 AM
rossi is more likely to sign up for aprilia because he refuses to ride for a tobacco sponsored team!!! ducati=marlboro. hmmmmmmm

07-21-2003, 11:18 AM
Originally posted by antz
rossi is more likely to sign up for aprilia because he refuses to ride for a tobacco sponsored team!!! ducati=marlboro. hmmmmmmm

What do you think that Lion-head logo that sponsors Aprilia is and everyone is in love with? It is the main logo for MS TOBACCO - one of the largest tobacco companies in Italy! The lion-head logo is equivalent of the Marlboro red logo "M", but everyone seems to knows what that is.

BTW - my prediction is that Rossi has already signed with Honda again and we'll hear about it this week. He's a business man and a consistent champion, and the Honda is still the best bike out there and they have the pockets to pay his $10 Million salary.

07-21-2003, 05:25 PM
MS dont sponsor the MotoGP team, but Sax do. Rossi is looking for £7m to ride for Honda for a year, he will go to Ducati in a year I think, with the Marlboro presence in F1 being the bait that will swing the deal. He wants to try out F1 at some point.

07-21-2003, 11:41 PM
I don't imagine it would be too hard to bring new sponsorship to a team if you are Valentino Rossi ... but I reckon he will resign to Honda too - he's pretty invincible on that bike .. anyway did not say 'end his career' on an Italian bike?

07-22-2003, 06:51 AM
nori sliding his way to 3rd with max biaggi 2nd and gibernau 1st. rossi 4th (tangled with haga while battling for 1st) and edwards 5th.

07-22-2003, 11:16 AM
Notice Honda is giving Max Biaggi a works bike from Sachsenring onwards. This is to give vale something to think about.

07-22-2003, 11:25 AM
Originally posted by dowzerr
Notice Honda is giving Max Biaggi a works bike from Sachsenring onwards. This is to give vale something to think about.

Dowzerr - where did you read that? I looked at MotoGP.com and didn't hear about him finally getting a full-factory RCV. It sucks that they gave it first to Gibernau. Even though he won 3 races with it, Gibernau is just too "nice".

I would have rather seen Biaggi on equal machinery with Rossi. I still think Rossi would take Biaggi on equal machinery, but I enjoy the rivalry and it should be on equal equipment.

07-22-2003, 12:58 PM
Think I read it in MCN, they didnt "give" it to Sete.
He inherited it, he has a real habit of doing that.
Max has no excuses now.
I'll pretty much guarantee he'll win at Brno on it,
he is shyt-hot at that track.

07-22-2003, 04:10 PM
I believe that this month’s Performance Bikes mag reports that the FIM has officially stated that there will be no more tobacco sponsors starting with the 2006 GP season.

That's going to hurt....

07-22-2003, 04:13 PM
yeah but they'll find a way round it, just wait and see.

07-22-2003, 04:44 PM
Rossi MCN 16 July "Only my Honda team remains without cigarettes. I always say I'm a rider, so if it is between not iding any more or racing with a cigarette sponsor, I will race with a cigarette sponsor."

I think that means "I want a Ducati and my money"

Nicorette Aprilia?

Biaggi and excuses/complaining surely not - latest one I heard was that he was disgruntled about not having the latest fairings with Ukawa in the same garage contracted to HRC rather than Camel Pons getting the latest parts - dummy's only just in!


07-23-2003, 08:51 PM
According to www.motonline.com, Biaggi got something very similar to the works machine the “official” riders were using at the beginning of the season. But as it is now, those same “officials” already have upgraded bikes. So, Biaggi does have a “works” machine, but not the latest one. Still not an even field. Is Honda confidence in Rossi a little weak? Why are they doing this shitty policy-stuff?

07-24-2003, 08:08 AM
maybe they are pressing home the message that Vale is not the only fast rider around, and he shouldn't try to hold the big H to ransom. VR may be the fastest out there on a Honda, but if he didn't have a Honda ride could he do the business on a Duc or Yam?
I like Max as a rider and want to see how he gets on with completely equal machinery, couldn't care less about his personality. After all, Foggy wasn't everyones cup of tea, but he was certainly the best superbike rider of his time.

I'll go for Max to win, Colin/Nori 6th and 7th any order. Can't be worse than my last prediction!

07-24-2003, 04:38 PM
he aint gettin the works bike now.
just some new parts.

07-24-2003, 08:36 PM
6 hours to free practise one ...

07-25-2003, 04:06 AM
thats a big mistake if he leave honda , he end up like barros and biaggi will have the last laugh .. , hondas are too dominant , biagi had no chance on yamaha , now allways on podium ..

my prediction is all honda podium , ducatis will be handfull on this track and not go on podium .. aprilia and proton finish 5th to 7th ..

07-25-2003, 09:31 AM
Someone needs to capture & post the video feed from MotoGP.com of the #45 bike in a ball of fire in the gravel trap from free practice.

07-26-2003, 11:02 PM
cube has been nothing but trouble , bring the 2 stroke back !

07-27-2003, 02:52 AM
Originally posted by dowzerr
MS dont sponsor the MotoGP team, but Sax do.

Sax is a brand of MS (now recently acquired by BAT-Lucky Strike, etc.- ), which sponsors directly on other classes, as MS, and with a brand, Sax, in motoGP. And yes, the lionhead logo IS MS's logo.

Ciao to all, FORZA COLIN and HAGA!!

07-27-2003, 11:34 AM
but there aint no lion heads on the MotoGP bikes.

07-27-2003, 04:47 PM
Colins firey getoff.

07-27-2003, 04:48 PM

07-27-2003, 04:50 PM

07-27-2003, 06:57 PM

well thank goodness he's okay.

#1 - i rarely blasemy!

07-27-2003, 08:04 PM
The bike is one hot spicy meat ball and most importantly = Colin is OK and one lucky guy .............Thank God

07-28-2003, 04:04 AM
I cant believe they showed none of this footage on the motogp coverage! All I saw was Loris' Duke in flames ... Colin was a way better BBQ!