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07-20-2003, 08:42 PM
Alrighty Folks I hope all is well for everyone.

Now let me get down to business here. Iím down in Houston, TX and own an SR50 Ditech 2002. To say Iíve had and still have a few problems is an understatement.

The quickie of it is I bought it through a now defunct Aprilia dealer in Houston who really had no clue about the scooter. Some how though they sold me a scooter that has some euro standards (like the pipe wasnít converted to US regulations- ie catalytic converter) but much of the rest was. Within 500 miles of running my Ditech I started having problems and they havenít stopped since (now at 6000+ miles). My computer fried, my back brakes completely wore out and destroyed the disc, the speedometer cable snapped, the clutch fried, the weights never stayed in place and were completely ruined, the main belt snapped twice, the rear panel (you know the entire back side of the scooter) snapped and had to be held up with duck tape for 2 months until a new one came in and now my turn signals donít work unless held and I keep running hot no matter what. Fun huh?

I drive my SR50 6 days a week at least, 25-30 miles a day, to say the least I live on this thing. But I feel I need some direction on what to do. I just got my SR 50 back form the shop after 2 1/2 months of repair- letís say Aprilia Italy sucks, they fought every warranty issue with Aprilia USA trying to claim it was all past warranty- by 6 months. Plus now Iím feeling less secure with my scooter shop because my bike is never truly fixed. The new back brakes donít even work, ie I canít use them to stop the bike at all.

Iím ready to work on my bike myself, since my warranty is officially dead (the bike went in with over 1 month left on it, but came back with is being over 1 month past). But to say I know nothing about the true mechanics of scooters is an understatement. Iím handy and do repairs on my own stuff in my home, but yet to work on my scooter. So multiple things, how do I learn without causing major damage to my bike? And what do people recommend. Let me state what Iíd like to accomplish so you can send some help my wayÖ

1- get the brake working and working normal (it will stop the bike by itself if I feel like going about 200 yards after the start of just back brake- oh thatís at a slow speed too)- oh this is the malossi performance brake and disc

2- get my turn signal going

3- have real acceleration!- I go REALLY slow from 0-38mph (oh at least 3/10 to 1/2 mile to get that fast), then finally the second gear kicks in and zoom to 50-55- I was allowed to borrow a Derbi GP1 for those 2 1/2 months (oh how I miss that acceleration)

4- wondering about the 70cc kit- worth it or not? How to install if it is

5- more of a hope than belief that it can be done- some how adding side pegs- my wife is finally getting daring enough to join me every once in a while
Micah I know youíre up in Austin, I suspect you even know my current shop ĖApollo- any suggestions? And of course anyone elseÖÖ

(oh I hopefully a pic of the back end after it snapped- and people wonder if camera phones were useful?)

07-21-2003, 02:25 PM
Its probably too late for you to persue now, but most states have a "lemon law" where if you buy a vehicle that has consistent problems within some set period, usually a year or two for most states, and the dealer is either unable or unwilling to fix the problems, then they can be forced to return the vehicle and give you a comparable new one at no cost to you.

The idea is to prevent people from getting screwed if they buy a 'lemon', which in any manufacturing setup, will happen sometimes. Occasionally a vehicle will just suck, and if it can't be fixed, the buyer deserves a new one.

My '00 SR50 ditech has run wonderfully for the entire time I've owned it. In fact, I dare say its getting better with time. However, I know some people have had trouble after trouble. If people start seriously taking advantage of their state's lemon laws, then Aprilia USA might be forced into taking a long hard look at their quality control measures.

Sorry things aren't working out for you, I don't really have any mechanical suggestions for you at this point, but I recommend looking for a new dealer!

The side pegs shouldn't be necessary, most people are comfortable putting their feet on the back part of the foot panels where your feet go. There is a part at the back that is raised a bit and textured for grip, and that works for most people.


07-21-2003, 10:19 PM
we dont sell tons of them at the shop i work at but enouph to wonder what the hell is wrong with your scoot, ive had problems but none of the ones you are having. sorry you are having a bad experience man

07-23-2003, 04:47 PM
wow I never heard of anybody that got so many problems with his sr. I am stil riding around on my 99 sr without any problems. It could be that one of the causes of your problems is that your dealer has no clue what he is doing. I have NEVER heard of anyone that had their back panels braking off by theirselves. I should look for another dealer.