View Full Version : R&G Upper sliders Problems, warranty returns!

09-14-2005, 04:58 AM
Hi Guys,

Like many of you guys, I have the R&G crash sliders, forks, swingarm, uppers and lowers. I've had them on the bike for some time, but I've recently noticed that the left Upper bolt had sheared off, leaving the slider just lodged in my fairing.

I spoke to R&G,, who replaced the bolt (as I had a trackday), though they informed me that there is a design problem with the Upper sliders on RSVR and Factorys for years 04/05. The second bolt they replaced, also sheared off as well.

If you contact R&G, they will replaced your 04/05 Upper crash bungs, though I'm not sure wether you will be able to do it direct, or through your original supplier. I've just recieved the new replacement set in the post yesterday, and they utilise a bracket arrangement now with double bolts into the frame and block!

Anyway, contact R&G, or your supplier, and get them replaced free of charge!