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micah apriliaforum com
10-02-2002, 06:25 PM
Well this is it, we are going to California for Dyno school. We are driving out on Friday, doing the road trip thing with a couple of friends...arrive LA on Saturday morning. We want to go bye and visit West Coast Choppers in the morning. (Ed is addicted to the discovery channel shows). After that I have no idea, we will be zombies after 1,500 miles on the road. We have made no plans for Saturday's accomodations so if anyone in the area has room for 4 depraved bike junkies let us know. On Sunday we are meeting Ken Zeller at his shop (Evoluzione Cycle Sports) and he is taking us to the rock store for a visit. If anyone wants to meet up, either Ken's shop at 9:00am or later at the Rock Store we will be there, 4 guys with ApriliaForum T-shirts on. I would love to put some faces with some names. After the Sunday festivities we are on our way up the coast to the San Francisco area, once again without any accomodations...we need to be in San Rafael by noon on Monday for Dyno school. I would like to visit with the Scuderia folks at some point and we will be available for drinks, dinner or debauchery all three of these evenings. We will be in the San Fran area for about 3 days and then it is time to hit the road again and get back to Texas. Once again if anyone wants to meet up at about any point along the way, we would love to get together. The return trip will probably go through Nevada with a stop overnight in Vegas.