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08-23-2005, 03:05 PM
Please take a moment to check in on the status of your bike. Year, mileage, condition, problems and any comments, (posotive or negative). This will help us get a grasp on the durability and possible future maintenance issues.

As for me, 2000 mille, 21000 mi. Aprillia race exhaust and chip, wave rotors, steel lines, air box mod, 520 kit, after market rear shock with revalve kit.
Took it this year to Laguna on an eight day roost through Nor Cal and it runs better than it ever has. Replaced clutch at 15000 mi. Went with Barnet, a little funky when cold but great after that! Thats it..

08-23-2005, 03:30 PM
'00 RSV, Arrow pipe & chip, Clarkie revalved forks, airbox, fresh gas and chain lube on the wheel.

Just had the 20K tune-up done at 19K. To date, no valves have needed any adjustment. Zero, zilch, nada. Had to replace steering head bearings & races. I can't (don't) wheelie, so that wasn't the cause. :confused:

Pulled out the clutch at 15K, palm sanded with 100 grit, cleaned, reinstalled.

Will still power wheelie with no effort at the bars if not weighting the front wheel.

Very happy customer! :plus:

08-25-2005, 07:05 AM
2002 RSV Mille (Euro model), derectricted.

30,000 miles, from those min. 1100 are track miles.

- rear brake died at 9,000 miles, gave up bleeding it every 800 miles 1600 miles after that

- steering bearings replaced at 18,000 miles. Most likely due to riding a lot of passes and normal wear and tear - stunts aren't a part of my riding.

- 60mph track crash resulting in the bike doing acrobatics and alternating between landing on wheels and tank/tail. Bodywork/subframes trashed, frame and forks stayed straight, R&G frame and swingarmsliders were ground down and worked well. Coincidentally installed the day before :). Instrument cluster was replaced due to a stripped thread somewhere on one of the mounting points.

- needle bearings in lower pivot point on suspension linkage replaced at 27,000miles. All other needle bearings in the shock llinkage in perfect condition.

- from 3 valve checks the valves have been adjusted once, and on the upcoming check it looks like only one valve may be slightly out of spec.

- low beam bulb replaced at 20,000 miles.

There is one strange quirk: maybe once every 2 months when starting the bike, it does nothing, the tacho needle spasmodically jumps between 0 and 1000 rpm several time, then rises to 5000rpm showing the rev-limit and everything except for the odometer is reset. Then the bike starts without a problem.

Oil changes have been carried out per manual specs.

The bike still runs perfectly without any complaints.