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08-19-2005, 06:45 PM
Is it advisable to use anti-seize paste on the joints between the parts of an exhaust system, eg between collector and link pipes? The exhaust is made of stainless steel and titanium. What kind of anti-seize paste would be advisable for this application: copper, nickel, metal-free?

08-19-2005, 10:20 PM
I'm not sure there is much to be gained but it certainly wouldn't hurt anything. If any of the joints are tight it would ease assembly. I think the copper and nickel compounds survive higher temps than the cheeper silver grade.

Jet City Racer
08-20-2005, 12:16 AM
I don't assemble an exhaust without it. I might be the one having to take it aprt down the road. I use nickel compound good to 2,600 degrees F. Copper is usually good to 1,800F. Use it on the bolts too!!!!!!!

Read the label. There are some good synthetic compounds out there good to over 2,000F.