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12-15-2002, 07:38 PM
Hello. I have a 00 Mille that has some damage that I'm going to build up for a racebike. Let me preface this thread by saying the bike is in GA. I'm in VA so I can't really go over the bike yet...

A few questions for the masses (thank you in advance)

1) Does EBC make rotors for this bike---how much are they and where can I get a set? Been looking online but am getting nowhere....

2) I'm going to put CFM (Woodcraft) rearsets on and was wondering how I switch the bike to GP shift. Do I need a special part from Aprilia or can I do it with the CFM shift linkage????

3) Bike sat in a salvage lot for a year I just found out. The damage includes fairing bracket, clipon, and rotor.
The rotor is warped which is why I want some EBC's...
My question is what about the calipers? Are they ok sitting that long???? Brembo does not offer rebuild kits for them and I really didn't budget getting new calipers...I think they would be fine but I wanted to get some suggestions/advise/comments...

4) Tires? I have run Dunlops all of my race career and haven't had any problems...I prefer them because they are cheap...but any input on this matter would be appreciated as well....

Thank you so much for your help with these matters.
I am happy to become a fellow brethren of the Italian twin society!!!

Coming from a TZ125...I'm going to have a hell of a time turning this beast...


01-02-2003, 02:50 PM
Hey Paul, I too am going through the process of raceprepping my '00 Mille R.

The only question I can help with is about the tires. I used Michelin Pilot Race H2's last summer and loved them. They stick well and slide predictably when hot.

The rearsets I'm using are from Mototek (www.mototek.com), which are the most adjustable ones I've seen. I am not using GP shift (yet). You can also find the clipons you need there.

I'd recommend posting your questions in the discussion forum at mototek.com and you'll probably get very informed answers from Jay Bernard.

Please post your findings - I'd like to know about the rotors.

-erik zingler