View Full Version : rs250's and rs125's

02-08-2003, 06:17 AM
Being a begginer rider i have been pointed towards smaller cc bikes. Such as the ninja250 (not really my style).
But I am seriously obsessed with the aprilia's.
I am thinking that the 50cc will be too slow to keep up with my freinds, some of whome ride ninja 250's and others ride 600+cc bikes.
im also concerned about a few things on the rs50's:
Am i too tall (6'1"),
Will the bike sound like an angry hornet?
Are those tires really small, because they seem small?

Is it difficult to get a 125 or a 250 registered in california?
is it possible to make the conversion to Street legal?
Thanks sooo much-

02-13-2003, 12:26 PM
my friend is about the same height, he has a rs50 and loves it, he goes riding state to state, he gets top speed of about 60-65mph, he rides with us, (we can, but don't blow him off - we all ride together sometimes, not race together, leaving your buddies is not what its about), check into bigger cylinders and pipes for it, there are not street legal 125's or 250's for the usa, and i doubt with calif emissions you will be able to register one, if you did it fell through a large crack somewhere