View Full Version : STOLEN 2001 YELLOW RSV MILLE R in NYC

Damon Slowpoke Baumann
04-21-2002, 11:54 AM
Well guys I left my bike out for awhile before teh marcus dairy run this morning and Bam.....It dissapeared while I was showering`..Yes gone...So if anyone sees any yellow RSV Mille Parts on ebay or what have you..Please just let me know..I had Evo Ignition Amp and TigCraft Dual exhaust..It was stolen in the Queens NYC area...vin#ZD4RPE0051S000117

Hey thanks Guys...Damon

04-21-2002, 12:18 PM
You're missing digits in the VIN. Better make sure the report is correct!

04-21-2002, 01:24 PM
Sorry to hear about your loss! Some sorry as^ mutha probably stole the bike and does not even know how to appreciate it. What a loss! Maybe whoever stole it will eventually end up on the TV show America's Most Dangerous Police Chases where it shows the thief hitting the side of a tractor trailer at 120 MPH. To me, that is justice! Someone tried to steal my old Yamaha a few years ago, but did get it. Best of all, I knew who the guy was and the guy got charged. He also had to pay for the damage that he did to the ignition.

Smoke Eater 41
04-21-2002, 02:15 PM
Jeez, I hope the scumbag isn't riding your Mille when he hits the tractor.

Damon Slowpoke Baumann
04-21-2002, 02:24 PM
I fixed the Vin#...Last year I just had My fzr1000 stolen..My insurance company is going to love this one..And thanks guys

04-21-2002, 03:12 PM
Sorry to hear it, it's a wonder they haven't stole your "PHAT" Trooper.....:lol:

mark wilks
04-21-2002, 04:48 PM

Sorry to hear about your loss.
Tell me, how does the insurance work in the states. Do you have to wait a certain amount of time until you get a pay out, and what sort of amount will you get, ie. will it cover the cost of a replacement bike thats the same as the one you have lost ?



04-21-2002, 04:49 PM
I am so sorry to hear about your bike, that truly sucks. I just moved to Conneticut from Brooklyn. last year, I had 7 bikes stolen from my garage in Brooklyn, including a 1977 Ducati 900ss that could not be replaced. I know what you are going through, there is no worse feeling than being violated. I didn't have fire, and theft insurance, lost almost $50,000. The worst part of my story is, 3 months later I was robbed again. I had a brand new Hayabusa with 7 locks on it, they even disconnected the tranny from my truck to move it away from the garage so they could get in. Most of my friends still live in NYC, and have the same horror stories. I hate to say it, I used to love NYC,not anymore, thats why we decided to move, I can finally sleep at night with no worries.

Damon Slowpoke Baumann
04-21-2002, 05:29 PM
Well I believe what the insurance companies do is call local dealers to get an estimated price on the bike..How many Used Aprilias will they find??...I have no idea...Im going to my dealer hopefully tomorrow to get a heads up..Maybe they can do something for me with a left over 2001...Out the door my 2001 Mille R was $19,386...I added the ignition amp filter and tigcraft exhaust...Unfortunately I dont have a reciept for the exhaust. I figure I will loose out on about $5,000 when all is said and done...5000 for 2000 miles....Prety dam expensive rental eh?

04-21-2002, 07:41 PM
I am sorry here about the bike. We were waiting at the dairy expecting to see ya...I really wish it was something else that caused you not to make it up here today...

04-21-2002, 08:32 PM
That's suck.
Sorry to hear about that Damon. That was a nice ride you had.

04-22-2002, 01:36 AM
more pity from me. I had a pristine 87 VFR 700 blue and silver stolen 2 1/2 weeks after I arrived in HELL Paso. Dingy bastids pushed it 2 blocks around midnight to a store where the helpers got it started and driven accross the border. they altered the plate(hammered out the letters) to make the F to and E and the 3 to an 8. 2 1/2 months later I recovered it, but the old girl was gone - just didn't feel the same. Actually talked to a therapist about the loss. He explained to me that the loss of a bike was more than a vehicle because we have to spend so much time on them and with them. Got another VFR (crashed ugly), got a CBR, nother VFR, nother VFR, nother CBR, cruiser bike and now the RSVR(also in yellow). Time is fleeting - get another RSVR and ride on!!

Jimbob Cruisin the Autobahn..

04-22-2002, 07:12 AM
Hey Damon -

Dude that sucks.... A bunch of us met at the dairy yesterday - I think we were all looking forward to meeting you and seeing your bike. Hopefully all works out with the insurance and you'll be back on the road soon.

best - Mike

V2 Pat
04-22-2002, 09:24 AM
Damon, my sincere sympathy, man. ...[more expletive deleted material to describe the bandits]....

Keep the faith, bro, you'll be riding again before ya know it! I'd think that you should be able to start finding good deals on the '02s with the updated motors, too, if that is of any consolation to you.

Good luck with your next purchase. Have fun & enjoy.

ed apriliaforum com
04-22-2002, 09:27 AM
that sure sucks Damon,

be sure to also post the info in our Stolen Aprilia Registry.....I bet we see some parts turn up on Ebay soon

hope you get another one..

04-22-2002, 11:41 AM

That really sucks. It saddens me everytime I hear a story like this. I just wish some people would do like the rest of us and work for the stuff they want instead of taking what we worked so hard for. Best of luck to you with getting a new bike.

04-22-2002, 11:47 AM
Damon, I sure hate to hear about your bike, that really sucks. I had a full-tilt Fast By Ferracci 888/955 stolen in 1996. I bet I had about $45K in that bike, and only had it insured for about $30K, so I lost a lot of money. But at least I wasn't "bike-jacked" at a stoplight and shot in the process, and that could have happened to you, so at least you're safe. I have a '01 Mille R that I'm trying to sell, if you're interested. Once you get the insurance check, I'll make you a sweet deal. (I'm gettin married and the missus wants me to "clean out my garage" for the first year.) Oh well, let me know if you're interested. You can email me directly at PRODIGALRN@aol.com Take care and good luck with your insurance company. Mine was actually not too bad to deal with when my theft happened.

04-22-2002, 12:36 PM
Hey Damon,

As I told you in the IM last night only pedophiles rank lower than bike thieves for me. Should you and Stan strike a deal on his 01R plan to stay at my place going both directions. Maryland is halfway between North Carolina and New York City. A warm bed, a cold beer and a locked garage all have your name on em.

00 RSV-R

04-22-2002, 01:22 PM
I am truely sorry hear to that Damon. You had perhaps the best looking bike I have ever seen. Sorry Bro.

04-22-2002, 02:16 PM
Caught onto this thread a bit late, and I'm very very sorry for you.....never had a bike stolen, and I guess I should be lucky.

It really makes you think though....

Let us all know if anything turns up....

All the best.


Damon Slowpoke Baumann
04-22-2002, 06:39 PM
Well I went to the insurance company and they just started asking me a barrage of questions...The best one I couldnt answer was the adress of where I store my bike..I travel allot for work and dont keep my bike at my house..(For obvious reasons)...Anyhow when he asked me..I said..Bayshore LI..He asked for an address I was like..I dunno.I just know how to get there..I share the garage with a freind..Oh brother..So anyway they said they need a copy of the check I wrote out for the bike and proof of storage...I pay my freind in cash so I dont know what they will want but Ill wing it..However book value on the bike was 17,300..I was considering a loss of at least 5000 so I dont feel that bad....I guess I'll loose out on some of the mods though...Dealer said only 8 or 9 mille R in yellow were purchased on the east coast of the USA..He put the word out....So anyway..Ill see what Im going to do....Rumour has it 2003 will be a big HP year for the mille:O)..We shall see..Thanks again guys:O)...Damon

Damon Slowpoke Baumann
05-20-2002, 02:24 AM
Update...Ok a few people asked me about how insurace companys work when a bike gets stolen..Well they apparently treat you like the criminal. Last year when my 90 FZR 1000 was stolen they didnt make a big deal of it. I'm assuming because they felt book value was only around 3000. Try getting a mint 90 FZR anywhere for 3000..Anyway one thing they were stressing in my initial interveiw was where my bike (APRILIA) was stored. Mind you teh bike got stolen not from where I store it but from in front of my house where I live. Heres the story. I travel alot for work sometimes months at a time. It was like a week after I bought the bike last summer that I was told I'm getting sent to Maine for two months. So I decieded I'd take the bike with me. When I found out there would be no garage storage I decieded to leave my new bike home. Yes I was pissed but what am I going to do..Leave it in teh rain? Well I live in Queens NY. A nice area but I've had various things stolen from my garage previous to ovning this bike over the years. There was no way in hell I'd be storing my bike there while away for two months. So I talked to an old freind that used to live by me if I could store my bike in a garage he rented in LI. He said sure. I chip in for rent no problems. I call the insurance company tell them where it will be stored..All they want is a Zip code..Ok done..Now here comes the problem...

I said they were stressing where my bike was stored...Well In the interveiw I told them bayshore LI. They asked for an address and directions. Well riding season had just started. Besides that day it got stolen..I got maybe 2 or 3 good days of riding since bringing it out to LI....!..And that was before winter....HOW THE HELL OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD WAS I GOING TO REMEBER THE EXACT ADDRESS AND DIRECTIONS!!..Maybe some of us are gifted with directions..Im not...I work 6 days a week 10-12 hours a day...Its been rough for me getting any riding time in at all..So anyway I give them my freinds number and the adress of the garage awhile later. They call my freind basically interagating him...Where does he know me from.How long..Even threw in a comment about how cool in must have been back in the old days of spikey hair...THAT WAS THE KICKER..Ive had long hair since I was 18..Thats when it finally dawned on me that they not only dont believe I ever had the bike...But that I dont even know my freind that was helping me with storage...They are treating me like the criminal. Its making me sick...They even asked my freind what color my bike is...Now..That would be an easy question to answer...Except my bike is under a cover and NOONE touches it...So for whatever reason he says blue..Maybe because the rims are blue..Or maybe because hes colorblind..REGARDLESS..This further shows that the insurance claim rep doesnt believe I even know this guy....Maybe he thinks Im fabricating this whole story up.....Im seriously getting aggravated...My bike had under 2000 miles, over $2000 in mods which I wont be reimbursed for, DIDNT HAVE THE BIKE MORE then a yea, bought the bike in cash, have no debts whatsoever, have a semi substantial bank account, had collison on the bike so if I crashed it I could have just had it fixed, and lastly could have just sold the dam thing if for some reason I needed money. My job stresses me out enough to have to deal with this crap. Perhaps they think I was trying to save money on insurance. My family owns houses in FL and Pa. If I was looking to save I'd insure all my vehicles there. I really dont know what to think. At this point its not about he money..They can pay me next month or two months from now. I just dont want to have to think about this anymore. I cant see why they would think Im trying to scam them. For what reason? Am I over reacting here? I have Progressive Insurance. Never again. Why would I even try to scam them. For what reason. Regardless I dont like how this is going down. I'm really beginning to hate this. WHat got me all started here was a letter I opened up today stating that I havnt been paid due to pending investigation. My adviice to you all is dont use Progressive Insurance and be prepared to answer any and all questions regarding your finances...job...storage of bike..how many women/men you bene with..sexual orientation..BASICALLY ANYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF. Hell if I knew what to expect I would hav eprepared myself...Anyway Thats my update..Have a good season all...I dont think Ill be riding for awhile after this crap....Damon

05-22-2002, 06:45 PM
Wow, that's gotta be the most sucky-assed motorycle insurance story I've ever heard. My bike is insured up the yingyang ... I even have 'replacement value' insurance which covers how much they'd have to pay to replace it, not just bluebook or depreciated value ... but now you got me wonderin' if they'd be good for it if my bike were ever stolen.

Anyway, good luck dude. Hope they come through with the cha-ching.

Damon Slowpoke Baumann
06-05-2002, 04:19 PM
Another update....My insurance company is back charging me the the savings of $998 fromk where I live and where I had been storing bike...Great eh..Anyway ILL BE RIDING SOON AGAIN!!!!

09-04-2002, 11:51 PM
So did progresive ever pay you??? I hope so being bikeless sucks...

Damon Slowpoke Baumann
09-05-2002, 07:08 PM
Ya I got paid and bought a used 2001 standard with a few goodies. However no OZ rims or Ohlins..but what ya gunna do..I guess will do for now..Needless to say they treid to screw me every which way possable..Currently looking for a new insurance company!

09-05-2002, 08:25 PM
Sorry to hear about your loss and insurance B..S. I just got insured through Markel Insurance. They're on the web and saved me over $500 from the Progressive bastards. Great rates 800-236-2453. Ride safe. Late.