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03-14-2003, 10:07 AM
The article at the following URL says that according to pre-season testing the Honda, Yamaha, Ducati, and Aprilia bikes will be competitive at the first round of MotoGP while the Suzuki and and Kawasaki teams are trying to play catch up.......if Colin keeps turning lap times withing 100ths of seconds of the top guys like he's been doing in testing then this could turn out to be true.....and Aprilia Racing says that their goal is to be in the top 7 this season.....IMHO a realistic goal based on what I've seen so far.....

<a href="http://www.motorcycledaily.com/13march03irtatesting.htm" target="top">www.motorcycledaily.com/13march03irtatesting.htm</a>

Ricky J
03-14-2003, 12:32 PM
Colin and his ex-Castrol Honda teamboss
Adrian Gorst seem to really know how to
approach testing and development, going
by their progress so far. We have heard
how so-and-so is called a good test ri-
der but Edwards really appears to be at
another level entirely. At one point he
was asked by Aprilia who he'd like as a
development rider and he told them that
he'd do it himself. There's a racer not
afraid of extra work! I predict he will
have some podium finishes this year but
on which step of it? At the team launch
this week Aprilia said they will have a
new bike for the Spanish GP in May. For
Aprilia fans this MotoGP season will be
fascinating! Colin Edwards is the best
thing to happen for Aprilia in a really
long time. Not since Valentino Rossi's
departure have they had a man of this