View Full Version : 2001 sr ditech....compression problems

05-09-2005, 03:15 PM
hi all....ive had my direch for 2 mths now...after a month it fouled plug..misfire..ok after replacement for a week..wudnt start or took ages to fire after this time
took it to a local dealer..told me compression was non existent..replaced my polini 70 barrel with a polini 60 kit....note no ecu swapped
ran it in meticulously for 650 miles...after a few days of normal use..back to poor starting until now it wont go at all......toook it back only for him to say he wont warranty it cause its not learner legal and i must have hammered it as there is no compression again
anyone else had this problem??????if so any help wud be appreciated as my brother is gonna look at it this time cheers