View Full Version : i got my multivar kit, need help.

stevo del
12-19-2002, 05:12 PM
im well used to fitting new rollers to scooters etc but i got my malossi variator and there are 2 specers with it one thin 1 and a thicker 1 which 1 do i fit? where does it go? what speed increase can i expect? iv a leo vinci zx fitted,carb sr its doin bout 52mph on speedo.


12-19-2002, 06:21 PM
are they the size of the crank shaft end? i didnt get any spacers and wish i did. they are probly to shim the clutch for belt wear, if the belt wears thinner and you leave it the rollers will start to top out at a slower top speed. the belt should rest on the polished pin but the pullyeys should not move to the belt before forcing the belt to climb up the surface.
a guesse

tiba karotsu
12-19-2002, 06:24 PM
fit the washer which will make the belt sit in the lowest position at the front pulley to give you a lower gear ratio so you'll accelerate better. just make sure the belt touches the hub pin of the front pulley but the belt must fit snugly 'coz if the belt fits loosely between the front pulley it's gonna wear out the pulley & the belt prematurely.

stevo del
12-20-2002, 08:17 AM
both washers are the same diameter as the hub pin just 1 is thicker than the other. where does it go?:smokin:

tiba karotsu
12-20-2002, 09:13 AM
the washer is placed between the hub pin & the outer half pulley, you add washer if you want the belt to sit lower down the front pulley, it must touch the hub pin but it also must fit snugly 'coz a loose fitting belt will wear out prematurely.

here's the run down to make you understand better;

thicker washer = makes the belt sit lower down the front pulley for greater torque multiplication (faster acceleration)

thinner washer = makes the belt sit higher up the front pulley for lesser torque multiplication (slower acceleration)

12-20-2002, 09:14 AM
Very confusing. The washers are actually shims and if you were to compair the old Variator it width compaired to the malossi variator you will notice that the malossi is narrower than the original by about the amount of the shims. One of the Pics in the installation guide shows the washer put on the shaft before you install the vaiator -DON'T DO THIS! The washer won't fit over the shaft splines that the variator locks into and it's for models other than the Ditech. Also, don't try to install them between the variator halfs as the shims are a larger diameter than the pin and your belt will get damaged. The shims go on after the finned pulley is installed and between the large nut and the small end nut on the shaft. If you don't install at least the big washer the end nut will bottom out on the shaft before the variator is secured.

12-20-2002, 10:22 AM

Jimmc15 is correct. You definately need the big washer on the outside to keep the final nut (holding the whole assembly together) from bottoming out where the threads end and making the whole thing loose.

Malossi's web site (www.malossi.com) has a link to a pdf file, in the Aprilia DiTech section, under the description of the multivar. This pdf is actually newer than the brochure that came with my variator. And, had different instructions on where the washers go. I think my brochure was pre-DiTech, because the package it came in didn't even list the malossi part number on the big part number list on the back.

When I went to the Ditech section on the web site and pulled up the pdf, it was like a big light bulb went off, and all of the sudden everything made sense.

Hope that helps, if you have not already figured this thing out.


12-20-2002, 10:32 AM
To make life easy, here is the link:

www.malossi.com/catalogo/...203863.pdf (http://www.malossi.com/catalogo/files/GB_001/download_montaggio/73%203863.pdf)

Specifically, page 11 of 38.