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01-12-2003, 07:44 PM
Hello there =)
Im from Croatia and im currenty working on a new web page designt EXPECIATLY 4 aprilia scooters..... the site is located on www.aprilialand.com and currently is still in "under construction" stage... The site will cover ALL aprilia scooters, their tuning and exterial modifications... will support 4 languages.... english, italina, german and croatian... u can c the sites design on www.aprilialand.com/nuke/html/ (http://www.aprilialand.com/nuke/html/) . We predict that the site will be finished in 1-2 weeks...
Now--- why im a telling u this =)

Cuz we r looking all over the internet 4 coorporatin with other sites... maybe we can help each other and stuff like that....

And if the interes is big enough we can easely make a part of my site 4 ur home languge and u could be god admin there =P

so everybody who wants to join or help, or they r yus aprilia freaks (me =) ) contact me! U couls also get e mail like xxxx@aprilialand.com =)))))))))))

r ya in ? =)

Take care


icq: 111515136
e-mail: sidewinder@aprilialand.com&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp
msn: q3arena@msn.com

SideWinder XX
01-16-2003, 08:49 PM
Our forums ar now ACTIVE @ www.aprilialand.com/nuke/...ame=Forums (http://www.aprilialand.com/nuke/html/modules.php?name=Forums)

Also we have puted up there few more stuff...
full completition of web site and official opening we'll be in 1 week or so...

hope to c ya there =P