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02-23-2003, 05:01 AM

This won't make a huge difference to the pathetically weak power of the 15watt Ditech headlights (for those of you who are unfortunate to have them) but if you don't want to fork out money for a halogen conversion (or if, like me, you can't get the people who make the halogen conversion kit to even reply to your emails...3 sent so far and no reply...I even sent the last one in German to try and get their attention...they must have died!) then you can try the following:

The standard 15watt headlights have a metal plate at the end of the reflector, just inside the internal round lens, that prevents the light shining beyond a certain range. It's a low beam cutoff, and if you remove it (one screw holds it in place) then the lights will actually shine some distance and even light up reflective road signs and street markets much further ahead then you would have seen before. No, the lights won't be any brighter, but they will have further range and are more useful.

The only pain is getting the headlight out and getting it apart. I removed the black plastic panel beneath the headlight and dropped it down between the base of the nose cone and the top of the front mudguard. Once removed from the bike it takes quite some time and quite some patience to scrape the silicon away that holds the front headlight plastic to the rest of the unit. Take your time and keep persisting until you are able to slowly prise it apart. Then you have to remove the entire inner assembly. And then you have to remove the two inner round headlight reflector assemblies. And after all this, you then have to remove each lens from the assembly, and then you can finally remove the metal plate which restricts the light's range.

Simple? Not really, but hey, if you've got time, patience and lights that are annoyingly pathetic, what have you got to lose. It's free, after all!

Dutch Royal T
02-23-2003, 10:05 AM
Yo man Thx.

I thougt aabout this too and when I read your topic title I was already guessing that this was it.

It indeed the reflector for the low beam lights you can build in, but since the high beam is already not that "high" you might as well take that reflector out, giving the big light in the back more space to shine throuh. (Just sit in front of your bike at night with the lights on, if you sit low enough you can see the reflector cutting of the beam)

I'm gonna try this since I can very easiliy reach that plate, becasue I had to completely rebuild and cut of a hugh part of the thing that hold the bulb to make it fit in the very tight space tha Aprilia Rally AC has there.

Thx for the tip anyway, now I'm sure.