View Full Version : dutch-whats wear on your EVO setup??

03-01-2003, 04:08 AM
as i know you have an EVO setup i wanted to ask you whats the wear like on it, after reading your post on the motul oils u use it seemed to me that wear was pretty good. how do you use your scooter, is it just for an occasional blitz or do u ride everyday in the good weather?? reason being is because as you may or may not know im gonna be getting some parts from tiba and i have 2 real choices. 1 is to have an EVO AC cilender and evo pipe, and 2 is MHR AC cilender and MHR pipe copied!!!

how long does your bike go miles/kmh before it needs a piston ring change? i have access to get motul 800 coz my local dealer sell a full range of their products and i have no problem on spending extra money for good quality oil.

i mean i will be using my scoot at least until april/may time almost every day to commute to sixth form and home again which is about a 8 mile journey. so what would the wear be like on that kinda use!!!???.

i mean whats the difference between MHR ac and the EVO AC setup??

i want to go higher than a CORSA kit hence why ive talked with TIBA too see whats gonna be the right setup for fast running and reliability for a certain amount of time. i mean i dont at all mind in changing the rings once a month on pay day-this is not a problem!!!

if you could give me your input that would be good!!!