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07-07-2003, 08:11 PM
Ok folks. What are your predictions for the Donnington GP this weekend?

I'm gonna predict 5th for Colin and 11th for Nori. Did you see the below on Colin's site?

Up the Assen and Rule Britannia!!!
News courtesy of Bertie Simmonds

Glory be, life is grand if you?re a fan of the superbike riders in GPs when they get to the (slightly) more level playing fields of tracks where our favourite four-stroke swashbucklers have ventured to before. Add a dash of weather to blend out any power advantages some of the machines will have and you have a recipe for racing where, even if it ainĻt the most riveting spectacle in the world, you should see some different people up at the front. Assen was a case in point. Check out Colin?s pre-race mutterings and you can see he was up for the race. Here (at last) was a chance for the Cube to battle the Hondas and the Ducatis on a track he?d won at twice last year. All through qualifying Colin was as close to the front as he?s been all through the season and thatĻs despite testing new parts during the early sessions. Nori showed what the bike was capable of holding fourth and then fifth(even if he ended up in the damp gravel thru trying too hard) but 7th place for Colin is something to build on --- hell, our favourite Texan?s luck has to change for the better soon, huh? With Donington Park next up (and another Colin favourite track) I?m going to put my not inconsiderable ?ass? on the line and make a prediction and then a wager? I do truly feel that things are turning around for Aprilia, Nori and Colin. So much so, that if our man gets in the top five I?ll give £50 to Riders For Health, £75 for a podium and £100 for the win! No, I?m not sure what that is in dollars, but it will certainly cut down the number of beer tokens I have to spend each month. Even if it?s not a great deal of money every little bit helps and Riders For Health do a superb job of raising money to buy and use motorcycles to help the poorer communities around the world. If he makes it to the top, it?ll be the best £100 I?ve ever lost? Oh, and if you wish to see just what Riders For Health gets up to. Check out www.riders.org Better still, if you want to have a friendly bet with me, bet what you can on a podium for Colin at Donington on July 13th?

-Bertie (Bertie Simmonds is the Editor for "Two Wheels Only" magazine)

07-08-2003, 09:23 AM
Edwards gets the podium at 3rd. Haga crashes out. Bayliss wins w/ Rossi in 2nd.

Finally the WCM team takes to the track w/ the 10 year old Yamaha 2-stroke and beats all the Kawasaki's.:eek:

07-08-2003, 11:55 AM
you tell me WCM got thier hands on yamha YZR500 , cause yamha destroyed all of them ..

i think WCM running a honda twin 500cc, totaly hopless ..

07-08-2003, 12:07 PM
Apparently not all of them. They are running '93 vintage YZR's.
<a href="http://motogp.tiscali.com/en/motogp/index.htm?menu=news" target="top">motogp.tiscali.com/en/motogp/index.htm?menu=news</a>

07-09-2003, 03:28 PM
edwards 3rd, haga 6th.

07-10-2003, 01:16 AM
If you watch the motogp site when practice and/or qulaifying is on they have the results live - it's fantastic technology and great to watch the riders times and positions changing live! I think it's free also ,,,,

07-10-2003, 02:39 AM
woa WCM must have inside conection , maybe roberts should had got those first and put rich oliver on one but i dont think his brain working building a V5 , i dont care for motogp.com , server slow , too much graphic and no inside info

07-10-2003, 02:44 AM
huh looks like they stole that engine from museum and thier rider never ridden 2 stroke bigger than 125 so a bit handful is understatement ..they will race it again in germany , lets hear the 4 piper shrieking sound again ..

07-10-2003, 06:43 AM
these are privateer yammies, not factory! Only the factory bikes were crushed. As 8 year old privateer machines, they probably won't be much faster than the 125s. KR will be taking the 2strokes along as backup in case the v5 falls apart again.
Edwards 4, Haga 5, Sete to win. Ducs losing out on handling - Loris in the kitty litter, Bayliss maybe top ten.

07-10-2003, 09:39 PM
From Aprilia.com


New commitment for the Alice Aprilia Racing team at the start of the British GP, 8th round of the championship, scheduled on Sunday the 13th at Donington Park. The team has used the short break after the Assen GP to work on the RScube. The work has been done both at the race dept. in Noale as well as on track. Edwards and Haga in fact tested on Michelin track in Clermont Ferrand, they focused on specific tyre testing as well as some evolutions. Despite the rain that spoiled the first testing day, the results have been encouraging. A new chassis was tested too, the development of the new chassis will continue during the next test session scheduled the next week in Brno. The idea is to use the new chassis in the second part of the season.

For the moment the challenging track of Donington Park doesnít frighten the riders and the mechanics, either. The track is divided in two sections: one section is fast and smooth, the second one is much more tormented with lots of stop and go and slow curves. With reference to some news regarding the riders market Colin Edwards comments:

COLIN EDWARDS Ė ďfirst of all Iíd like to say hello to all the fans, especially the Italian ones that are enjoying the sun. Iím already in England and here itís raining, just for a change. But Iím not here for speaking about the weather. I have heard that on the newspapers was stated that I could eventually change company for next year. There is nothing true in this statement: I want to remain in Aprilia also next year for many reasons. First of all because I can see that they are working hard to solve the problems and Iím sure that we will see the results quite soon. I think that we can do well in the second part of the season. Moreover I think that at this level itís not enough to work together for only one season and I have a very good feeling with Aprilia. I think that we are going in the right direction: in France we tested with good results some new material. Certainly, this material needs to be tested again in race like conditions, therefore Iím looking forward to the next test session in Brno. Useless to mention that before Brno there is the race in Donington park: I have lots of expectations from this race and Iím very focused on my job. I hope that the rain doesnít spoil everything.Ē

GIGI DALLíIGNA (Project Leader) Ė Itís a pity that due to bad weather we could only test half a day in Clermont Ferrand. We had a lot of new stuff to test and the time at disposal was not enough. Everybody has spoken about the new chassis but I want to test it again in more race like conditions. I donít want get carried away by enthusiasm, Iím very satisfied with the tyre testing we did in co-operation with Michelin and the progress of other parts. In Brno we will test again the new chassis.
As for the race on Sunday, I have to say that the British track is similar to the other ones. We donít have problem with sharp braking, the RScube has a good balance in these conditions so we donít need a specific set up for this. We will work hard on our weak points that is to say the traction and the wheeling. We are working hard to reach a good balance which is essential to be competitive in the motoGP. To reach this target we have to come to a compromise, maybe sacrificing some thing which represents an advantage for us. But I think we are working in the right direction. We havenít be lucky sofar and I think we deserve more. But Iím happy that the work is going on and the commitment of the people working on track and those working in the race dept. in Noale is really big. I hope that our bikes are in the lead at Donington park.

Donington Park: length 4.023 metres equal to 2500 miles. Lap Record: Valentino Rossi (Honda); 1í32Ē247. Pole 2002: Valentino Rossi (Honda); 1í31Ē563.

07-10-2003, 10:20 PM
haga did well here while he was on the 500, so i think he'll get a podium spot. as for colins, too conservative so maybe a top 8 again? i for one would really like the aprilias beat those two red bikes.

07-11-2003, 09:27 AM
<img src="http://images.motograndprix.com/multimedia2/230/230939.jpg" style="border:0;"/>

Bayliss is in 2nd. My prediction of a Bayliss, Rossi, Edwards podium is looking good.

07-11-2003, 09:42 PM
Good news that the 2 Aprilias (in fact the top 12 bikes) lapped under the existing lap record.... after this race they will be testing a new chasis design.

from motogp.com

Rossi holds off Bayliss for provisional pole

Valentino Rossi asserted his authority over pretenders to his Donington Park throne with a new pole record at the Leicestershire circuit in sunny and warm conditions this afternoon. The MotoGP World Champion clocked a best time of 1'31.196 aboard the Honda RC211V, beating his own previous best here on the same machine by around half a second, to see off the challenge of former World Superbike Champion Troy Bayliss, who had snatched top spot with just a couple of minutes remaining of the session.

MotoGP rookie Bayliss, who had crashed out in the morning free practice, has plenty of experience at this circuit and put his local knowledge to good use to revive his flagging fortunes on the Ducati Desmosedici. Although Bayliss' time was not enough to deny Rossi, it withstood pressure from Sete Gibernau and Carlos Checa to hold firm in second spot, as the two Spaniards completed the provisional front row on the Honda and the Yamaha.

Loris Capirossi flirted briefly with the top positions but was pushed out to the second row in fifth place as the battle for positions intensified over the final few laps.

Olivier Jacque was another victim of the late push for times, losing a place on the front row in the dying stages after lapping consistently quick times throughout the session.

Tohru Ukawa and Colin Edwards came through to seal seventh and eight place respectively as just three tenths of a second separated the provisional second row. Max Biaggi, Alex Barros, Noriyuki Haga and Nicky Hayden all lapped under lap record time to complete the top twelve and seal provisional third row starts.

There were impressive showings further down the field as Jeremy McWilliams provisionally qualified in 18th place on the infantile four-stroke Proton V5, just 2.190 seconds down on Rossi, despite insisting he would rather ride the team's old two-stroke. Chris Burns would no doubt like to switch places with his British compatriot after being forced to ride a 1993 two-stroke 500cc ROC Yamaha for the first time with the WCM team, but the 22 year old did a sterling job to qualify in 23rd place. Burns' Spanish team-mate David De Gea also impressed, qualifying 24th fastest on an old Sabre V4.


Aldo Steptoe
07-12-2003, 08:48 AM
<img src="http://images.motograndprix.com/multimedia2/231/231574.jpg" style="border:0;"/>