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03-02-2005, 03:22 AM
This just came to me from a fellow Aprilia rider in Sydney, who is working for us, at getting a better deal. It is the MCCA. But Guy and his fellow protaganists desrvbe a round of applause on this one, thus far.

Sorry the word doc was too big, so here is the text part:

Media Release
2nd March, 2005

Motorcycle Exhaust Sticker Regulation is a rip off

Democrat MLC Dr. Arthur Chesterfield-Evans today successfully disallowed a regulation that continued the imposition of an unfair “sticker tax” on after market motorcycle exhausts.

“Under the current regulation penalties can be imposed without any evidence that the vehicle is actually making too much noise. These fines can even be issued to parked motorcycles – and the amendments introduced by the regulation do very little to change this situation.” said Dr. Chesterfield-Evans

The President of the Motorcycle Council of NSW, Guy Stanford is calling for fair treatment for motorcyclists who are being fined without cause.

“To test the motorcycle for its actual noise output within a reasonable range would be infinitely fairer As it stands the EPA has thrown responsibility on the rider for a failure in an administrative practice.” Mr. Stanford said.

Both Dr.Chesterfield-Evans and the MCC of NSW have laid the responsibility for the continuing failure of the regulation with the government.

“Lack of consultation with motorcyclists by government agencies and departments has resulted in changes to regulation that will make absolutely no difference to the situation of the average motorcyclist. This issue has been important to motorcyclists for five years and they’ve been trying to get the ear of the government without success until the very last moment. ” Said Dr. Chesterfield-Evans

Whether the sticker regulation stands or fails will be tested in the near future with the imminent arrival of the largest motorcycle-related club in Australia. An estimated 5000 motorcyclists will be traveling through NSW to Canberra in March for their Annual General Meeting of the Ulysses Club, a club for over 40’s motorcyclists and will be caught by the regulation. The EPA has published advice to riders from other States that they are required to comply with these new NSW laws should they travel on NSW roads. Failure to comply merits a fine of $200.

“The Ulysses Club has issued a media release stating that the 2004 AGM bought $10 million to the city of Geelong and NSW will miss out on such expenditure while such unfair policies exist. This will be a public relations and tourism disaster for NSW” Dr Chesterfield-Evans concluded.

Arthur Chesterfield-Evan: 9230 2303 or 0419-428-019 or Guy Stanford on 0417 661 827


03-02-2005, 04:37 PM
"OK, we had a win in Parliament, SO WHAT?

It's a stunt with a political agenda.

It is almost meaningless in terms of enforcement changes, it just goes back to what it was just before Christmas. Retrospective labels and no margins on sound tests - almost impossible to comply with, but only directed to motorcycles with aftermarket exhausts. Laws able to be used for other purposes and failing to actually address the noise problem which EPA aren't really able to define.

What we did is another way of running a protest, but using the democratic process and getting it into the public record through Hansard. The NSW Labour government hates it.

We are still dependent upon the Govt to issue Regulations that can be complied with. We have been discussing this issue for nearly five years and finally got the promise of corrections to the Regs early last year. Finally they arrived on Christmas eve, to be slipped through while no-one was looking. They are pathetic wishy washy changes and do not give relief from harassment to riders.

What we have done is to make a lot of public and political noise to throw the Regs back at the Govt with the message "this is not good enough", "take them back and re-submit workable Regs". This method is far more effective than writing yet another letter saying "'scuse me mister, can we have another useless meeting where you will again treat us with complete contempt?"

It is also more effective and useful than a street protest, where we would be exposed to a risky downside.

By using this particular strategy, we get it all recorded in Hansard, to make public the background issues and contemptuous discussions that had been hidden from view.

We have attached the motorcycle Tourism issue, particularly relevant to Ulysses and any regional tourism centre in NSW, by highlighting the fact that NSW has unique and retrospective laws that EPA assert are enforceable on out of state riders.

We have got the attention of the EPA at Director level. Now we have cleared low level idiots from the floor, we can move forward on cleaning up. The big boys want to talk now.

This Government has become arrogant. Through too many years in power, the public service has become politicised and lower level functionaries only tell those above them what they think they want to hear. This became apparent in our "negotiation" meeting with EPA yesterday.

Oh yes, Chris Turner, Chair of Noise Committee, and myself met with the top end of town in the EPA along with their political minder, where we had been invited to negotiate. The meeting was dishonest, as they brought nothing to negotiate with, other than arrogance, bluff, threats and empty pockets.

With nothing from EPA to trade (like removal of Clause 19) in order to prevent the Motion from running, we were disinclined to be nice to them and so puppy was let off the chain this morning. It was a hoot, with the Democrats, Liberals, Christians & Greens, all taking turns to heap ridicule upon the EPA and then voting to throw the Regs back in the face of the EPA regulators.

Some of the banter was terrific. It was an informed debate and the Govt was very weak in response. The Nationals Richard Colless had a ball, bollocking the lack of commonsense from EPA and suggesting that John DellaBosca, if he did ride a bike it would be...a Harley!... yes, a Fat Boy! (and Costa a Harley Black Knight). Considerable heckling took place as Hatzigeros spoke weakly for the Government. Charlie Lynne for the Liberals informed Parliament that a Harley didn't make noise, but made music. The EPA labels were just laughed at.

Hansard will be available in the morning. I'll post the link for those interested enough to read it.

Our thanks to the Australian Democrats for running the Motion and assisting in making every effort to negotiate with EPA.

A successful protest by MCC of NSW.

The entire NSW Parliament now knows that riders are very unhappy with EPA Regulations and WHY. It is now on the permanent public record of Parliament and anyone can quote it at will.

However, remember, this DOES NOT change the law. We have just made it public that its a set of stupid laws."

Johnny in Oz
03-02-2005, 09:51 PM
That's good news . . . . . . I think.

I must say the December regs are really confusing and appear to be impossible to comply with. At the very least they do away with after-market exhausts completely. Legally speaking anyway.

This victory is a long way from winnng the war and I just hope it does'nt aggravate the powers that be into some over the top reaction. We're talking major egos here - witness Costa's smart arse response to reducing the fine for exceeding 0 -15km offences but increasing the demerits. Thanks for nothing!

Congratulations to those fighting the fight though!

Keep it coming Leigh.


03-02-2005, 11:06 PM
Link to Hansard Ref in State Parliament. (http://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/prod/parlment/hanstrans.nsf/v3ByKey/LC20050302)


03-04-2005, 05:24 AM
The only time I have ever been harrased was by the police for noise pollution from my RF900R . . .can you imagine what the Falco would do to their meters . . ? the question for me is one that reflects ecconomically on the Govt. There are many after market exhaust makers in this country . .both for cages and bikes . . all offer greater performance from their engines, all offer legitimate fitting after sales service including warranties on their products. To me this would seem to indicate that the products are legal. The business all pay taxes, all employ people who earn money and buy goods and services with their money, thus supporting the eccomomy, and voting for one form of Government or other . . .If a law is introduced to vehicles limiting noise etc . . surley it should be applicable to all vehicles. How about the boom box cars, blow off valves in turbos . . .the road trains with exhaust noise capable of causing deafness, not to mention air brake noise, de acceleration noise, the list goes on and on. I fully understand the EPA's concerns and am aware of the restrictions imposed in europe, but it seems to be logical to apply these restrictions to all road users, not just motorcycles, can you imagine the upraor that would create. Maybe we should get other possible threatened road users involved, because this mis the thin edge of the wedge, we loose this fight then we loose suspension mods, tyre choice, the actual right to ride a bike . . ! What Next.


03-05-2005, 05:36 AM
The first I heard of this new ubeaut noise control measure was late last year thru a brief mag article. Having seen only 1 sticker ( John`s factory at Aitkens) I was just wondering who actually fills them out. The Hansard transcript was informative enough for me to get the guts of the real issue (thank`s Ex ) Ciao, Ross.