View Full Version : UKRS Club now merged with UKRS Network . . .

05-04-2003, 10:12 PM
Well its that time again, and I have been getting busy, for those of you less versed with the internet UKRSClub has become engulfed in the UKRS Network of sites.

The point of UKRS Network is to give primarily aprilia people, with a definite emphasis on bikers also, a host of services to make their lives easier.

We now have in operation with some limited testing success :

UKRS Club - a website for sharing all your biking stuff in a community based environment

UKRS Radio - internet radio with 400 user max, pumping out the best in dance/oldies/hip-hop/rock/bikers news/gags broadcasting live 24hrs a day all over the world

UKRS IRC - an internet chat system, currently at three servers, with capability to handle 1000s of users, for bikers all over the world to come and chat on about the club, the radio, or anything they feel or see fit to do.

UKRSClub staff for the most part are now heading up the UKRS Network.
More individual staff are being sought after to maintain the other parts of the network and over see the general running, moderation of the other areas of our network.

The main jump page for the network of sites is :

www.theukrsclub.com (Http://www.theukrsclub.com) or www.ukrsnetwork.com (Http://www.ukrsnetwork.com)

The Club Short link can be found at :

www.ukrsclub.com (Http://www.ukrsclub.com)

The Radio Short link can be found at :

www.ukrsradio.com (Http://www.ukrsradio.com)

The IRC Short link can be found at :

www.ukrsirc.com (Http://www.ukrsirc.com)

We hope the changes aren't too complicated, you can break it down to club,radio and chat quite easily I think, and it just gives us a wider berth to do everything and to touch a wider audience of bikers. We hate being attached with UKRS as we want everyone from around the world to come and visit us, but we are still primarily a UK Aprilia RS Club, just anyone and everyone is welcome to join us.

If any of you get a chance to post this on other bikers forums around the world I give you my full authorisation to do so. I'm really busy setting everything up as usual, and taking the whole LondonRSClub movement one step further. I hope you all agree in the general direction of the UKRS Network, please do feel free to have your say directly too me at ganjamanuss@sfss.org

Yours As Always,
UKRS Network Staff