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05-09-2003, 12:33 AM
I dont think I have ever seen a list of modificationg you two would reccomend for maximum power yet reliability for the street... Like what would "you" do to get the most power but still use it as a daily commuter... and keep it simple like starter and port injection for the oil.... I want the most power i can get and have just about all the mods i can think of shy of pulling the starter off and getting rid of the oil impellor... reason being is this will be my fiances first bike as I just got a new zx6rr... I want its ease of use for her so she can take care of it and not worry about push starting and premixing. I currently have the malossi 68 (which I ported polished and shaved some off the head so I could bump up compression a smidge, did it to my rs125's so why not a 50) have the mikuni 24 with 24mm intake (still havent gotten it on there yet but have it) different final gearing, carbon fiber reeds, arrow exhaust (does that have a restrictor like the leo vincie?) I actually run a leaded fuel through it (hehe i know it is illegal but it runs better, more compression and no detonation or pinging of the piston) any ideas or hints/suggestions for what you think would be the best set of mods for a street going rs50. much appreciation... also looking at the new triple tree and relocating the starter.... what about using a toggle switch could you use that instead of a key? the bike is garaged and chained so I am not to concerned about theft, cause if they break in and snap a kryptonite chainand ign is the least of their worries.

05-09-2003, 12:37 AM
alrighty what if i go with the tallest rear sprocket like a 48/49 and a 13/1/4 in the front am i looking at sufficient top speed? or will the motor pull with such high gearing?

05-09-2003, 07:27 AM
I'm running the TP75 with 14/42 gearing, and have no problems getting it up to speed... Remember, down 3 sizes on the rear sprocket is the same as going up 1 on the front.

Leaded fuel is a good idea..... hope you're not too far away from home when you need to fill up, though :)