View Full Version : Carb. settings?

MotorHispania RX
05-23-2003, 04:38 AM
I have some problems that I hope some one can help me with:
My bike runs best when it is cold, when warmed up it runs best with half throttle or less, if I give it full throttle below 9000 rpm nothing happens only the annoying BAAAAA sound.
By mistake I broke my oil jet and had to replace it with a larger one, so I don't know if reading my plug will help, my plug is now a bit too dark, but I don't know if that is because of my larger oil jet.
Anyway my setup is 70cc MK cylinder, 21mm dellorto, carbon reeds and "power filter".
I use 0.92 as main jet and my throttle needle is set second from the top.
Is it getting too much air or fuel?

05-23-2003, 08:56 AM
By oil jet I am assuming you are talking about the fitting on the manifold or on the engine side of the carb. I run the same settings on my 70cc. Time to start premixing. If you think it is too much oil unhook the oil line, plug the fitting, and premix at 50:1 and see if the problem goes away.