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05-26-2003, 09:24 AM
this is my little story,,,
few weeks ago, my rear gear set and feetholder broke
so as usual i went to my local dealer to order a new one.
but i wasn't lucky enough because they didn't have it
and had to order it from aprilia italy..
so my father, who got really angry, decided to phone the number
aprilia gives on the book that comes with the rs.
he phones there and after an angry conversation with the secretary,
manages to speak to the general manager service. after telling him about the
awful service, the expensive fairing price and stickers stuff, my father warned
him that we would try to sue them if nothing happend within an hour.
so after 10 minutes the phone rings and it was the general aprilia hellas dealer
who asked sorry about what happend and tried to calm my father...
finally i was send what i wanted + one sticker set all for free...
maybe that's the way all us aprilia funs should do to get a better service??

ah, please anyone can answer me?
i have 68 mallosi, 24 mikuni and stock manifild +14/47.
what basic settings should the carb have so that it gives more acceleration
after 110 km/h?it's is very hard to accelerate after that limit and i takes hours to
reach top end speed.
has anyone tried to nikel the carter stuff inside the machine?i heard that it helps
fuel to flow faster and extra power....

05-26-2003, 11:09 AM
I dont get your complaint... most stuff has to be orded from italy for the 50 as its not a massively popular bike... u mean u got a full fairing & sticker kit for free?!?!? for that?

IF so i think i will comlain as my dealer is $hit

05-26-2003, 11:10 AM
ohh and how can u complain about the service sucking after that? its costs us hundreds to get a fairing and a sticker set.... i wish i had the money to do so on my bike....

05-26-2003, 02:32 PM
I dont see your service problem, if the dealer dont have the part there is nothing he can do about it. Not like they are going to stock for a RS50 that is very rare in comparison to say a R6 or somthing mass produced like that.

And what would you sue them for? Not having a part in stock that they did not promise to stock? lol:rollin:

05-26-2003, 04:36 PM
Sue them?
I hate people like you.

05-26-2003, 04:55 PM
Perhaps we should help greekboy so his daddy will call and yell at us... :rollin:

05-26-2003, 11:51 PM
<blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>Sue them? I hate people like you[/quote]

A bit harsh but yeah, Dad needs to lighten up. Or else i'll sue him.:rollin:

06-07-2003, 11:44 AM
I agree!
The service on rs50 is lousy. I just purchased my own rs50, and the ignition broke after 2 months. I went to my local aprilia dealer, and he was of course out of spare parts. He had to order from Italy as well. I have now been waiting the spare part in about 3 and a half week. I think I'll just call in a complaint and hope for the same result as you got... :D ...I should at least be allowed to hope!


06-09-2003, 10:34 AM
All you guys have nothing really to complain about. I pick up my 2000 RS50 and the motor blew on the way home with only 26 miles on it. All I had to wait 3 to 4 weeks for all new parts. Now I dont even have a dealer I can go to. Becouse the only dealer in Hawaii does not sell Aprilia parts or bikes any longer. I have to call Texas to Mototek.

06-09-2003, 12:08 PM
sorry i didn't answer earlier..just finished my exams to enter university....
well what would you say if i told you that there wasn't any aprilia official dealer in greece for the past 7 months???all the so called service was a simple call line like a telephone machine which recordered the products you wanted and you had to wait for a very long time to get your stuff...
also my bike was not worth of it's money from the first day i rided it...i had to change 2 batteries to realise later that there was a f*cking wire that was not charging the batteries well enough...
another thing is that the tyres are only to read pirelli and nothing more....i am very disappointed and even some 10 year old children piss me off when i ride by them or when all those thousand hondas and yamahas 100cc cost half money of my bike, make less noise, run more, and don't need to put oil every 500 km or go to service it every 7000km and they get their parts in 1 week... my rs is the only 1 in i town of 50000 people......
thanks .