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10-15-2004, 12:27 AM
Well I bit the bullet and bought the closeout 04 standard RSVR. Walked out the door for $12,165. I have only put about 100 miles on it so far and MAY have a couple weeks of riding left before it has to be put away for the winter:( I absolutely love it.


10-15-2004, 02:10 AM
Nice bike dude, hope you have a lifetime of fun with it like most of us.

I really feel for you guys who need to store (not ride) their bikes during the colder seasons, but this comes with a price tag here in South Africa.

I do a lot a track riding in the winter. You see the coldest it really gets is about -4 degrees Celsius (early in the morning) and then quickly heats up to 8 or 10 Celsius once the sun is doing its bit.

Now before you get all sad, here is the price bit I mentioned earlier. The RSVR goes here for 124K and the factory for close to 150K.

But not all is bad, track schools at the famous Kyalami (SBK) and Phakisa (motogp) tracks are about $85 for the day; "free" practice and open days at Phakisa is less than $20 for the day. You can also rent the track (kyalami) yourself (includes: ambulance, helicopter & pilot, marshals and medical staff) for about $6500 for the day.

South Africa

10-15-2004, 06:31 AM
Congrats on the new bike. Put some pipes on her and you will really enjoy it. Come on down to Florida, the riding season is just now starting.


10-15-2004, 07:44 AM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by RSVchad
[B]Well I bit the bullet and bought the closeout 04 standard RSVR.

Welcome to an exclusive club!!

10-16-2004, 03:50 AM
Thanks for the warm welcome's. I upgraded from an '04 SV650S and there is a world of difference in the suspension and brakes.....and the engine too. The SV was so easy to throw into a corner because it was light, narrow and had that skinny rear tire, but OMG I cannot believe how this thing holds a line through a turn:eek: I always had to constantly correct the SV throughout the corner and this thing just amazes me every turn I take. And the brakes...Oh the brakes - front brakes that is. I've read some complaints about the rear brakes on Italian bikes in general, but who needs 'em? The SV locked the rear up if I THOUGHT about using it. Those front brakes are beyond description. I cannot imagine the what the radial mounted Brembo's are like on the Factory. I am eager for spring to do a track day or two or ten. There is a group of about 30 of us in the area that ride together and we are going to rent the local track for the club at the first oppurtunity. I can tell it will be a long winter:(