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10-14-2004, 05:12 PM
NSWMC have organised a bike show and a BBQ brekky for Motorcycle awarness week,

Ill be heading to the BBQ breakfast at Loftus this Sunday(Im a sucka for food), my plan is to head down to Scarborough down the old highway pick up a mate (VFR800) then ride back up through to Stanwell Pk stop at Bald Hill and through the park to Loftus for a feed and a look at the bikes.

Ill be departing around home (Sth Syney) 6:30 all welcome call Daz 0407 410152 if your intrested or meet us at Bald Hill around 7.30
I met a few Aprilia riders here last week Niel and Kieth both on Falcos, Kieth had bought Lieghs pipes and Niel went on the last organised run, small world and top blokes.

Ill be trailing my new video set up as well so Ill post some pics and if things work out a small vid.

Motorcycle Display and Show and Shine on Pyrmont Bridge - Saturday October 16th
· Breakfast Bar-B-Que at Loftus Park (near Sutherland) - Sunday October 17th (7 am to 10 am, get breakfast then retire to a TV for MotoGP)
· Ride to Work Day - Wednesday October 20th
. Launch of Young Rider Project "Geared Up" at Mt White Saturday 25th 12pm
. Pink Ribbon Ride Sunday 26th .

10-14-2004, 08:56 PM
Hi Daz,

Good to meet you and the other ‘prilia riders last Sun. Unfortunately, I’ve got rellies in town this w/e :rolleyes: , so unlikely that I’ll be able to join up this time. I may try for an early ‘pass-out’ so at least I can fit in the brekkie!


Scot p
10-14-2004, 09:14 PM
Ok I will try to make it to bald hill for 7:30, I was planing to go have a look anyway as loftus Oval is just down the road from my place...If you don't see me at bald hill look for the Red Tuono at Loftus..


Scot p
10-17-2004, 07:17 PM
I turned up at loftus around 8, had to meet some mate's to do a park run then down to Bullie for coffe, the park was damp but no too slipery..

Met Neil as he was taking photos ...

Good turn out of bikes, I wonder how many there would have been if the roads had been dry ?

What was the riding display ? I left before that hapened..


10-18-2004, 01:12 AM
The rider display was pretty good , no one armed wheelies or roling stoppies but a good reminder of the basics like head and eye position, wrist position braking techniques, throttle control ,leg position etc, I spotted 5 Aprilias, a futura, Pegaso, Mille, falco and your Tuono.
My pathetic attempt at taking shots didnt help when my battery died on my second shot, the only shot that worked was of two girls on a 250 even that turned out a bit dodgy like the photgrapher.
I to sw Niel took a couple of shots if you haveing problems posting them send them through to me Niel at echobeach1@optusnet.com.au
The food was good ,being free might of helped me in consuming 4 sausage and tomato sandwhiches some juice and a coffee but I did make a donation to the lovely cooks.
Grabbed a couple of stickers for the backwindow and then bolted home for GP, I reckon there would of been a lot more bikes had it been dry, a good little meet.