View Full Version : Questions and modifications on the Ohlins forks in the 04 Factory and the 03 R?

10-04-2004, 03:38 PM
Are the 03 and 04 Ohlins forks the same?

If not, what is the difference?

Also, I have seen mentioned the 04 Ohlins have 0.95kg/mm fork springs. But I have a spec sheet here that says 10N/mm. Is 0.95kg/mm the same as 10N/mm?

And lastly, my fork seals are pissing oil and need replacing. The local Ohlins guy is doing it and he is reputedly very good.

However he has suggested replacing the shim kit and the rebound spring (I think he said that).
He says it will give a more complient ride over choppy bumps, but be more controlled under cornering and braking.

Hey Clarkie, Is this the same as what you were talking about? You mentioned some of the 2004 bikes have the new Alloy fork pistons installed already, but some US forks still have the steel compression/rebound pistons, and that the 'latest' batch of forks came with aluminium pistons. If its still the old steel piston (all US models are steel, Euro 50/50) you said to get an upgrade kit.

So whould this be the upgrade kit that this guy was talking about? If so, what comes in the kit?

He also mentioned reducing the amount of oil in the forks from to 100mm from the top (Which is what Clarkie reckons too.)

Any thoughts or experience with the suggested changes?