View Full Version : Front brake adjustment

10-02-2004, 12:29 AM
Today, 10/1, I got a chance to ride a co-workers 02 R1. She's, yes SHE, is a racer and has her street bike setup pretty good. What impressed me most was how sensitive the front brake was setup. Barely pullin' 'em was enough to stop me on a dime!! My question is how that was done. Was that just a bleed job or is there just some simple adjustment that can be made?


10-02-2004, 03:44 AM
If you have a spongy front lever it may just be air in the system. There's an old trick we used in the 1980's when our race bikes used to boil fluid on a regular basis. It works on the Tuono so chances are if you can get your master cyclinder into the right position with clipons it'll work for you too. I'm guessing you'll need to have the bike on the side stand & wheel turned slightly to the left to get the master so as the lever tip is slightly higher than the bango bolt holding the braided line to master. Make sure every bango bolt & bleed nipple is tight, then pull on the front brake firmly & tie it in that position to the handle bar with a length of rag. Leave it like that for a few hours or better still over night, any air trapped in the system will work it's way up to the highest point & escape back into your plastic fluid resevoir. When you release the rag later you will notice the difference.;)

Ps... wish we could use this trick on the rear one "A":D