View Full Version : Sydney Ride Report 19th Sept

09-19-2004, 04:09 AM
The day dawned slightly overcast, but by the time the meeting place was arrived at, mostly sunny with a few scattered clouds was the order of the day. Unfortunately the local Constabulary, had decided to put a major downer on the day. 2kms up the road on our normal route there was what we call a Random Breath Test station manned by no less then 8 coppers with the RBT bus, and 4 other pursuit cars. Under the auspices of a drink drive breath test, they then check your registration, and licence check, then proceed to check for exhausts, which in our fine money short state means an immediate $200 fine for non complianece and a trip to local Environmental Protection Authority for a noise compliance test.

To get around an obvious fine for half of us riding, we decided to divert from the run advertised and went via the Berowra river punt to Wisemans Ferry.

Attending on the day were 3 04 Factorys, 2 Falcos, an RSV a Futura, and a Pegaso.

We had a good ride although somewhat subdued due to the overwhelming Police presence. No sooner had we left than we went past 2 radar cars, lurking off the major streets. Bastards What a way to kill a possible enjoyable day.

Photo attached at the pub. Good day even though the police presence.

Good company, and tks for organising it Martin!