View Full Version : Swingarm Length?

09-11-2004, 01:52 PM
I've just prepped my mille for track only use and got the suspension upgraded but I've now got to work at getting a good base set up.I did a bit of raceing this year with my R6 but have decided to get rid of that and just concentrate on useing the mille.
I kept a book of all my setup data from the tracks that I did this year with one exception.I was running the correct gearing for each track but only useing one chain length.
Basically my question is,should I try and keep the distance between the rear wheel spindle and swingarm pivot to one length by useing several lengths of chain:confused:
Whats this distance called?is it trail.
At the momment its 543mm beween the two points.What effects would it give to the hadling haveing it longer or shorter.
If I can run it one length it would take another factor out of the setup but is it worth it.:)