View Full Version : New Caponord Owner and Dash problems

04-18-2019, 10:11 AM

Just a little intro:
Always loved Aprilias, had two Falcos (miss them) but then I turned into Trails and now I have a Pegaso 650ie.
Best bike for me, very lightweight and one of the best 650 thumper out there.
However, the Peg got some issues and because I didn't have the time and spares to fix it I begun searching for another trail (still have the Peg).

Managed to find by chance a used Caponord with 20k kms in very nice condition, full of extras (regulated windscreem, full gpr exhaust, power commander, crashbars, etc), but with a dashboard problem.
On sunny days, if the dashboard got hot, it worked fine, but in general didn't turn on.
Disassembled it, had to cut needles off and after following some instructions in the forum managed to replace the capacitors (same capacity but higher voltage).
After connecting it to my PSU all lights turned on. Putted the dash on the Capo, everything works EXCEPT the needles.
Both the speedometer and tachometer don't move.

Before I cutted the needles I tried to pull them hard... with no success. Maybe I damaged the motors?
Anyway, I've been searching for some tips on testing the motors.

Anyone has the specs or part numbers of the motors, or know the pinout?
Also, since the caps I've replaced have a higher voltage limit (same capacity), could this affect the needles?

Thanks in advance for your help.