View Full Version : Best full carbon race fairing kit for 2017+ RSV4 ?

02-23-2019, 06:56 AM
Hi guys.

I am planning a 2019 RSV4 1100 Factory (bike is on the way) race build and I'm debating wether to put a full carbon fairing on it or just fibreglass.
Aprilia Racing makes a carbon one, but at 2200 euro + vat and shipping, I want to be sure that there isn't another manufacturer out there that is a better option.

Fitment and quality is important!

Pros of going carbon is the slight weight advantage, coolness factor (it is gonna be used as a showcase for our shop) and the fact that we dont have to paint everything - Decals directly on the carbon can look pretty cool. Could have a sticker kit made that resembles the 2019 Aprilia Moto-GP bike which is black background, although I think that design is pretty boring.

Pros of fibreglass is obvious - Price. Which manufacturer has the best 2015+ style fibreglass fairings? Aprilia Racing has a full kit for 890 euro + vat and shipping.

The rest of the build is not gonna be over the top. Suspension will be left stock to begin with.
Akrapovic full system with aprilia race map.
Rear set of some sort (any recommendations?) with GP shift.
Maybe BST Carbon wheels, still thinking about that one. Would be cool but in alot of racing, it's not allowed.

02-23-2019, 12:40 PM
You can contact Gianluca at Motoxpricambi in Italy ���� postage will be 35€

You will need to keep / remove and refit the wings from the 2019 Factory as these are not in production today.

He can look after your sticker / decals too.

Fibre glass from 600€ and Carbon around 1500€

Heres the link to his site, there’s also a thread here in Rsv4 for the motoxpricambi race fairings, I think flobrand has carbon, I need to update also as I’ve just fitted fibreglass to an RR track build

keep us posted Laursen