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02-04-2019, 02:04 AM
Hope all is well...

2013 RSV4 F

So I noticed sometime when I have the clutched pulled in and I am rolling if I rev the bike a little I feel the clutch trying to engage, not so much that power is getting transferred to the wheel.

Not sure if I explained that correctly.

Any ideas?

Like always feed back is appreciated.

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02-04-2019, 02:13 AM
Clutch adjustment... Definately... As mine used to do this also... Take some tools out with you... Start at the engine end first... Its the angle of the arm that's critical...

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02-04-2019, 02:17 AM
Sorry forgot to add, I have adjusted the clutch a few times but to be honest I done from the lever side, should that matter.

Angle of the arm?

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