View Full Version : Brake pad/ caliper piston centering issues?

01-15-2019, 10:08 PM
Hey all,

I was previously experiencing a wheel alignment issue but now I believe its actually a caliper/piston issue. i’ve checked to see if all the pistons can retract and extend (which they do) but when fully mounted up and brake pressure applied I can see that the inner pistons are further out then the outter pistons causing the discs to be pushed closer to the inner side of the brake caliper. (Ex. Inner pistons to outter pistons ratio of how the pistons are extended and retracted is 70/30 Where in an ideal situation should be sitting at a 50/50 ratio against the brake disc)

I was thinking maybe its time to take the pistons out clean them real good and change seals (full rebuild)

I was able to successfully get them to sit 50/50 however it required some maniplating of pushing the inner piston fully in while putting some brake pressure for the outter ones to come out.